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There is a reason why Hollywood Designers use SketchUp

Image by Luke Whitelock. Copyright owned by Marvel Studios And the answer is simple. No other CAD or BIM software (or any other acronym that you want to use) has actually been made as a design tool. Our competitors are merely 'virtual drafting boards', and have been created so that their users can create 2D [...]

Upcoming SketchUp Guide includes a PlusSpec spotlight

We’ve just heard that the first Italian Guide to SketchUp with a PlusSpec spotlight is Coming Soon. Here’s what we know:   SketchUp. Progettazione architettonica BIM, is the first Italian guide to Trimble SketchUp 2017, ranging from the introduction of the software to the BIM-approach with PlusSpec, and GPU-rendering

Taubmans full range of paint colours inside PlusSpec

Communicate colour and finishes in a way that everyone understands! Over 5040 Taubmans paint colours to select from! We are happy to announce to our Australian users, that Taubmans have partnered with RubySketch, and will now have their full range of paint colours available inside of PlusSpec. Every single colour! Can you believe it?! Key benefits for PlusSpec & Taubmans Customers: Architects and Designers […]

Introducing the most powerful and easy-to-use BIM & Estimating Paint Tool

Paint: The problems faced by Design Professionals Up until now, most Architects, Designers and Interior Designers have avoided choosing and specifying paint in 3D BIM projects – and prefer to simply use mood boards. This is understandable, as other 3D BIM software are not design tools – and are not about communicating design intent in a [...]

Brickworks Austral Bricks now have their full range of bricks available inside of PlusSpec for SketchUp

We are happy to announce to our Australian users, that Brickworks Australbricks have further partnered with RubySketch, and now have their full range of bricks available inside of PlusSpec. Every single brick! Can you believe it? Combined with PlusSpec’s new Material Library search function, Australian users can now set their State (Vic, NSW, WA, QLD, SA, TAS) […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Taubmans

We would like to thank Taubmans for their latest PlusSpec ‘shout-out’, and for their ongoing support. Australian users will be very happy to hear that the full Taubmans colour range is Coming Soon to PlusSpec! Check out their latest Flyer: Taubmans regularly send out flyers with their paint brushout samples – and every user of […]

Architects & builders: Communication is key!

Design Professionals, Engineers and the Construction Industry need to foster strong relationships. However, I know that this is not often the case. I have been observing communication breakdown for the last 25 years, and I am still unable to put my finger on the exact reason why this happens time and again. At first, I […]

Le BIM pour SketchUp: Supporting our Friends – Adebeo

Distributor Spotlight Parlez- vous Français? Venez comprendre les raisons pour lesquelles votre logiciel ne se compare pas et, observez par vous-même comment PlusPec pour SketchUp change la facon dont nous concevons, communiquons et construisons. PlusPec est Simple, Puissant, Professionnel et Abordable – et il devient rapidement le plus puissant BIM et Logiciel d’estimation au monde. […]

Stramit Colorbond Steel Roofing now available inside of PlusSpec for SketchUp

We are happy to announce to our Australian users, that Stramit Building Products have partnered with RubySketch, and now have their Stramit and ColorBond roofing range available inside of RubySketch and PlusSpec for SketchUp. John Bull, Stramit’s Marketing Manager, recognizes the value of PlusSpec for the industry. “PlusSpec is the solution the industry has been waiting […]