Customer Success – PlusSpec

How To Become A Builder that Designs

Max Klause is now a Designer-Builder and he is the perfect example of a builder who quickly learned design to improve his customer offering via our 3D CAD software for Builders. He now uses PlusSpec in every part of his business (from sales, to design/drafting, to estimating and construction). “I was a newbie to any [...]

PlusSpec & Non-Profit Next Step Ministries Success Story

At RubySketch we are big fans of supporting Not-for-profit organizations, and one of the companies that we support with PlusSpec has recently shared their success story with us. We loved it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone! Article by Azad Lassiter, Construction Department Manager, Next Step Ministries: This year with the [...]

Customer Success Testimonial – Dirk Jackson (Builder)

We recently received the following testimonial from Dirk Jackson, and we loved it so much that we wanted to share it with the rest of you. Dirk sent us an email and also left the comment on our Podcast Blog page HERE. We love hearing from our customers, so if you are like Dirk and [...]

Myles Gillan: Empowering Education with PlusSpec

Myles Gillan is a Building Design Student, based in South East Queensland, Australia. In this blog interview we discuss how PlusSpec for SketchUp has not only helped his studies, but has also given him an advantage over his peers. ‘When I was designing without PlusSpec, I felt like I was always having to explain every [...]

Inside 3D Residential: Supercharging Design with PlusSpec

3D Residential is a North American residential design and drafting company based in the greater Charlotte, NC area. In this blog interview with Director, Easton Hunter, we discuss how PlusSpec for SketchUp has changed the way that he is able to design, communicate and control client budgets. Charlotte Lake House – Rendering of PlusSpec for SketchUp model. All […]

PlusSpec User Gallery (2D drawings)

Have you seen our User Gallery Showcase? If not, take a look at some 2D drawings by our Users!

There is a reason why Hollywood Designers use SketchUp

Image by Luke Whitelock. Copyright owned by Marvel Studios And the answer is simple. No other CAD or BIM software (or any other acronym that you want to use) has actually been made as a design tool. Our competitors are merely 'virtual drafting boards', and have been created so that their users can create 2D [...]

Deborah Singerman Article: Why Architects and Designers are making the switch from Revit to PlusSpec 3D software

Award winning professionals use PlusSpec! We would like to thank Deborah Singerman for her article on our latest 3D software, PlusSpec 2016. We liked it so much that we thought we would share it on our blog also: Why Architects and Designers are making the switch from Revit to PlusSpec  By Deborah Singerman Ian Veroni [...]