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Construction Estimating and Quantity Take-off

What is the best estimating software to use in residential and commercial projects? Estimating a project can be hit and miss, and it takes a long time to ensure you are accurate. There are a lot of programs available on the market these days, and it is tricky to know which one will work for your […]

3D Construction Details for Communication

Traditional 2D construction details are inherently difficult to understand. Why? Because they are not a natural way of viewing the world. Until now, they were simply the only way to represent complex ideas, in a way that could be deciphered. When I first started out in construction I was overwhelmed by 2D plans, let alone […]

10 Tips to Becoming Successful as a Design & Construction Company

I have been designing and building for 24 years. Integrated Design & Build firms are a different animal to the traditional Client + Architect + Builder scenario. They are more profitable, but they usually have a larger staff ratio, which can be a bit of a handful and a trap for ‘inexperienced’ players. Essentially the […]

Revit Imports How to use a Sketchup Model in Revit

This is the easiest way to get a Sketchup model into Revit Many architects and building designers use Sketchup for mass modelling and concept work, and then export the Sketchup model and import it into Revit. Up until the release of Sketchup 14, 15 and 16 there was an issue with triangulating. I won't go [...]

3D model Section cut fills in Sketchup and PlusSpec

A Sketchup Tip and trick that will save you some time when using section planes in your 3D model. Basically Sketchup is a surface modeller which means the geometry is hollow. When you cut a section through wall or a prism you will see the inside of the geometry that may have supposed to be […]

The Problem with BIM

It’s not meant to be hard. Disclaimer:  No Grandmothers were harmed in the making of this article (as we did not make them try to use any of the mainstream BIM software systems). The word ‘simple’ is often interpreted as meaning something that lacks power or sophistication. In fact, many professionals often equate simplicity with being […]

The Top 5 Tools that every Architect Needs

1. A camera and two feet (feet optional): Architects need to collect images. And most importantly, you need to travel so that you can see and experience the sights and sounds of the different cities and towns, from antiquity to present. If you see something beautiful, you should take a photo and then store these […]

The Top 3 Technologies that will Transform the Construction Industry

1. BIM/VDC Software We believe that BIM/VDC (Building Information Modelling/Virtual Design & Construction) is the most important technology that the Construction Industry MUST embrace. In Australia, design and construction professionals operate in a very high-cost environment. Productivity and waste reduction are essential for our continued prosperity – and yet we continue to be hamstrung by […]

PlusSpec: The Smartest Way to Quote

Meet Jane: Jane used to be a desperate housewife. She is married to Bob (the builder). They have two children together, but Bob never spent time with them as a family.   Instead of taking his lovely wife and children on family vacations, or relaxing with them after work, Bob spent all of his time [...]

PlusSpec for SketchUp: Total Customization

PlusSpec for SketchUp offers Total Customization, and is the Perfect BIM/VDC Software Solution for Your Company. PlusSpec for SketchUp is an amazing new BIM software, that combines the power of 3D Modelling, 2D Planning, BIM/VDC, and Estimation. PlusSpec uses real manufacturers products from the Australian-made RubySketch online library, and generates automatic specifications and product schedules. […]