Podcast Episode 1 – Featuring Andrew Dwight – PlusSpec

Main Quotes or Takeaways

* As an owner of a Design-Build company, I was sick of haemorrhaging money from the common issues that cost our industry so much time, money and waste. Because I couldn’t find any software that resolved the issues for all aspects of a build (design, estimating & construction), I created a Tech company and the PlusSpec for SketchUp software.

* Customers don’t understand 2D drawings, which means they are relying on trust. This can lead to a lot of disconnect and relationship breakdown. Also, if you want to sell your designs and win work, customers need to see their home in 3D.

* Build-ability and understanding the cost of a design early in the process is paramount to getting a project built. Accurate Feasibility studies have been a missing link in most CAD/BIM software, until PlusSpec.

* Plans should always be dimensioned from structure, not finish linings. Nominal structure/material sizes should also never be used. Read our Blog to find out why. That’s why PlusSpec is Virtual Design and Construction and automatically generates structure.

* Quoting/Estimating by m2 or ft2 is flawed. The use of real products is key. That’s why PlusSpec places so much importance on using actual products, and why we have created the free 3D BIM Product Library: BIMbits.

* Builders/Contractors add a lot of contingencies when quoting on a custom home due to so many unknowns. 2D plans need deciphering and if the 2D set is large it can easily add up to more than 80 hours of unpaid time. If Architects and Designers want better prices, they need to make the quoting process as easy as possible for the Builder/Contractor. This is one of the key strengths of PlusSpec: You can share the 3D model, which also has structure (one of the main causes of concern in a quote), and everything you draw is quantified, enabling Architects and Designers to provide a BOM/Take-off with a single click. Most Architects and Designers don’t understand how valuable this is to a Builder/Contractor.

* A 3D Model in PlusSpec enables Builders/Contractors to get paid to quote.

Guest Speaker Promo

Andrew Dwight is the Founder of RubySketch, makers of PlusSpec for SketchUp and the BIMbits 3D Library.

Company website: www.rubysketch.com

3D BIM & Estimating software: www.plusspec.com

Free 3D BIM Object Library: https://3dlibrary.rubysketch.com/

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