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Residential builders learn to use CAD software for construction

Why small residential home builders are learning 3D CAD software. With material prices at an all-time high and a shortage of quality tradespeople, smaller builders are finding benefits in 3D construction software. Many builders are implementing 3D CAD software that enables them to walk clients through their home and demonstrate what they’ll deliver and how […]

The Best BIM Software for Residential Homes and Extensions

  The best BIM software for extension and renovation builders is PlusDesignBuild as it covers design estimating, structure, accounts and client sales. Many residential home builders have 5 or more software programs to run their extension and renovation business yet PlusDesignBuild enables them to just have 2 software packages to run their entire construction business. […]

Sketchup Estimating Plugin for Builders

Drawing & Estimating using plugins inside Sketchup, A builders perspective. I’m a building contractor, I used to use Sketchup for the basics, now I use the PlusDesignBuild plugin inside Sketchup to estimate all of my jobs and it’s changed the way I quote and build homes. As a builder, plan interpretation and client communication are […]

Importing a Revit Model into Sketchup via IFC & create a report, BOQ or full estimate

Why put a Revit Model inside SketchUp? Many Architects and designers prefer the way Sketchup enables them to view or present a 3D model including the creation of live sections and animations.  All in all, SketchUp gives us the feeling of freedom, it’s affordable and it’s really kind of fun in comparison to Revit or […]

Transforming BIM, with a commitment to continued development & customer focus

While economies are struggling from the impact of Covid 19, at RubySketch we have continued to develop our PlusSpec software, empowering our customers with the latest construction technology, in today’s market. Recently we launched PlusDesignBuild, which features 4D scheduling, connected 2D plans, advanced estimating and many more features geared to ensuring our clients get the […]

IFC to Sketchup Optimizer, Organizer, Quantifier and Procurement

Become super-efficient with IFC & save hours, days, weeks or even months of time with the NEW IFC optimizer toolset for Sketchup IFC inside Sketchup can be slow, messy and painful, so the team here decided to fix it. That’s right, we pimped the IFC ride so you can get more done, more accurately, in less [...]