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Season 1 Podcast End

Season 1 of our Architects are from Mars Builders are from Venus Podcast has come to an end, and we'd like to thank everyone who tuned in. We'd also like to give special thanks to all of our Guest Speakers. Thank you for being brave, involved and engaged! Never Listened? If you are new to [...]

Podcast Episode 7 – Featuring Andrew Dwight

Main Quotes or Takeaways * Understanding Actual vs Nominal structure/materials and why it's so important. * Understanding Dimensions and that you should almost always dimension from structure, not finish materials. * How mistakes in structure & MEP (air conditioning ducts, etc) can lead to Structural Butchering. * Watch a Video Tutorial on structure in PlusSpec [...]

Podcast Episode 6 – Featuring Jackson Digney

Main Quotes or Takeaways * 2D plans are filled with grey areas, and there are always stuff in the plans that are not fully resolved. Because I give a fixed price, if I don't resolve them before I start building, they will be coming out of my pocket on site. * PlusSpec helps me pick [...]

Podcast Episode 5 – Featuring Greg Hamlyn

Main Quotes or Takeaways Download Builders Profits FREE How To Stand Out From Your Competition Resources & Checklist! SHOW ME MY FREE STUFF   * There are two keys to freedom in a business: Marketing and Sales. This episode focuses on Marketing and how to stand out from your competition. * When people don't see value they [...]

How to Subscribe to Podcasts Guide

You can subscribe to our Architects are from Mars Builders are from Venus Podcast and listen on your phone anywhere, anytime. Available on both Apple and Android phones or tablets. If you're new to Podcasts, read below for subscription instructions. How to subscribe to Apple Podcast iTunes If you already have iTunes, you can change [...]

Podcast Episode 4 – Featuring Drew Pasek

Main Quotes or Takeaways * I've used most CAD software, such as AutoCAD, Revit and others. When I started my own company I wanted to re-evaluate how the workflow occurs from start to finish and how to streamline things. * When I first started with PlusSpec I found it challenging, but I gave myself about 3 months [...]

Podcast Episode 3 – Featuring Garry Jones

Main Quotes or Takeaways * Graphic communication is essential but it needs deciphering and can be interpreted differently by each person reading the drawing. In the past, a lot of meetings were taking place, which did solve a lot of these problems. But because time is money, a lot of these meetings have slowed down (or [...]

Podcast Episode 2 – Featuring Ross Beattie

Main Quotes or Takeaways * A 2D plan isn't enough for what we need. A working 3D model that shows all the detail (aesthetic and structural) is essential to avoid errors and for the build to meet it's targets, because you can lose a hell of a lot of money at the beginning of a build [...]

Podcast Episode 1 – Featuring Andrew Dwight

Main Quotes or Takeaways * As an owner of a Design-Build company, I was sick of haemorrhaging money from the common issues that cost our industry so much time, money and waste. Because I couldn't find any software that resolved the issues for all aspects of a build (design, estimating & construction), I created a Tech [...]