PlusSpec Wins the 2016 ABA100 Technology Innovation Award – PlusSpec

PlusSpec Wins the 2016 ABA100 Technology Innovation Award

August 2016

ABA100 Technology Innovation Award Winner

SYDNEY, August 12, 2016 – RubySketch announces that its Design, Construction and Estimating software, PlusSpec, has been recognised as the ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2016 for Innovation and Technology.


“For over a decade, The Australian Business Awards have recognised organisations that provide their clients with solutions to modern challenges by prioritising innovative practices that continually push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Australian Business Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said.


“Winning this award for Technology Innovation in the Australian Business Awards 2016 is testament to the strength of our vision. I would like to thank all of our team at RubySketch, and our Industry support. We may be a start-up and small in number, but our passion is unequalled”, says RubySketch’s Founder and BDM, Andrew Dwight.


PlusSpec for SketchUp is a combination of 3D CAD, Building Information Modelling, Virtual Design & Construction, Estimating, Real Product Integration, and Integrated Project Delivery.


PlusSpec is for Architects, Designers, Builders, Engineers, Estimators, Manufacturers, and Homeowners – and it has created the first holistic industry solution that unites all sectors, and finally improves the way we communicate with each other.


Visit to learn more about PlusSpec and how it would benefit your business.


To see the official Australian Business Awards Media Release, click Here.

For more information on the ABA, go to

RubySketch Tool

About RubySketch


RubySketch is one of the foremost product content providers and content solution consultants in the world. Since September 2010, RubySketch has been trailblazing the industry, by passionately connecting Manufacturers with the Design and Construction Industries, so that real products can be better used within 3D BIM projects. With this drive, it continues to dominate the industry, producing the most intuitive and powerful 3D content, for BIM software.


With the release of PlusSpec in 2015, RubySketch has pioneered an innovative disruptive technology solution, which aims to unite the design, construction and building manufacturing Industries, and has resulted in the foundation of the first true Virtual Integrated Project Delivery Software.


For more information, visit

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