Changing the way we build our world.
  • Use PlusSpec anywhere in the world (applicable to every country)
  • The ultimate communication tool: connecting design & construction
  • Get good fast (unlike other BIM software)
  • The only CAD software that you can actually design with
  • Automatically generate customizable structure & build your details
  • Model with manufacturers products & materials, or create your own
  • Perform unprecedented Feasibility Studies (with no extra work)
  • Estimate faster than traditional methods and end error & oversight

PlusSpec 2016+ is here!

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You’re probably thinking: ‘But you just released PlusSpec 2016 – what else could be new?!’

Take a look

PlusSpec is for…







Compatible with PC, Mac + SketchUp 2014 and above only

PlusSpec is the most innovative 3D & 2D CAD Software



PlusSpec has made Building Information Modelling how it is meant to be: Powerful, Simple, and Sophisticated.

Everything that you draw in PlusSpec is filled with information, such as: product names, specifications, installation instructions/guides, warranties, and so on.

It is also parametric, which means that you never have to draw something twice. If you want to make a change, you can do it with a simple click of a button.


PlusSpec for SketchUp is the worlds most powerful Virtual Design & Construction software, making it the perfect balance between design and construction.

You will be able to quickly model 3D & 2D details to better design and clarify complex conditions, and to communicate your intent in a way that is understood by everyone.

Design it right the first time by virtually building it with PlusSpec for SketchUp.


PlusSpec uses real manufacturers products from the free RubySketch online library, and generates automatic specifications and product schedules.

Material and Product quantities and estimates are formulated as you design, allowing you to generate reports and BOQ’s at the click of a button.

Stop wasting away your hours tediously preparing quantity take-offs, and losing money through errors and oversights.

What Makes PlusSpec different to other BIM & Estimating Software?

PlusSpec has simplified the complexities of designing, drafting and estimating. In short, we have made the difficult things simple. In the words of Steve Jobs, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication’.

BIM should make your life easier, not harder

The truth is that current BIM software have innumerable complexities and constraints – especially for Residential design and construction. They are incredibly difficult to learn, cost a vast sum of money to purchase and upskill staff (which is why the vast majority of practices do not even provide sufficient training), as well as prolonged periods of unproductiveness. Complexity also breeds specialization. Software specialization is bad news for Architects, Builders and Estimators. Why? Architects need to focus on design. Builders need to focus on construction. And Estimators/Quantity Surveyors need to focus on estimating. Software is merely a tool – an evolution of the pencil and paper, which should simply allow you to work faster and smarter.

  • PlusSpec allows you to do more for less. Be aware of cost implications as your designs change.
  • Unlike any other BIM & Estimating software, you can actually design in 3D/CAD. PlusSpec for SketchUp is the first true Virtual Design & Construction software.
  • Your projects will actually contain all of the Information inside of the model, in both visual and data format (not just data format, like most of our competitors) & focuses on real products. If you specify a particular type of insulation, you will actually see it; if you specify a glazing/energy rating, it will be represented visually, inside the model.
  • Unlike most of our competitors, which have been designed primarily for Design Professionals, PlusSpec has been designed for the Construction Industry also.
  • PlusSpec is the first BIM software that also suits the needs of Volume Builders.

Will PlusSpec suit my Country?


There is only one Version of PlusSpec, which allows the user to:

  • Use either Metric or Imperial units.
  • Choose the Material library from your region – or switch between material libraries.
  • Customize & create your own libraries, materials & products.

What Languages are currently available?

PlusSpec 2015 is available in English only.

What Material Libraries are currently available?

  • Australia, USA, UK.
  • More Coming Soon!
But I don’t live in any of those Countries!?

No problem!:

  • Simply choose a Material library that is close to your region.
  • Customize & create your own materials (from local manufacturers, or generic content).

The ease of Customization is one of the most powerful features of PlusSpec!

Although we would like to have every product, from every Manufacturer in the world, available inside of PlusSpec, it is simply not feasible.

Even if your Country does not have a specific Material library available at this point in time, it will not impact your workflow – as either way, you will be customizing and creating your own materials & libraries.

Why SketchUp?

Compatible with PC, Mac + SketchUp 2014 and above only

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Buy PlusSpec for AUD$990

PlusSpec is a yearly Subscription. All updates within the 12 month subscription period are FREE.
Note: If you cancel your subscription, or do not renew after the expiry of a subscription period, you will no longer be able to access any of the PlusSpec tools inside of SketchUp