Total design freedom + Real-time feasibility studies


Estimate faster & smarter + End error and oversight


The best way to learn + it costs less than a textbook

supplierSUPPLIERS &

Make specifying real products easier + reduce selection error

Windows & Mac

Mac and PC

Works with any computer
Metric & Imperial

Metric and Imperial

Works with all units & scales

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Works with SketchUp 2014 & up

Software should make your life easier, not harder

PlusSpec for SketchUp is the most powerful and easy-to-use 3D software

with the most powerful and easy-to-use BIM, Virtual Design & Construction, 2D CAD & Estimating  tools


30 Million Users Worldwide

PlusSpec plugs into SketchUp: The most used 3D software in the world

Award Winning Software

Winner of ABA100 Technology Innovation 2016

Used In Over 80 Countries

The right choice, no matter where you live in the world

PlusSpec has been made especially for Residential design and construction


AUD$ 990

Per YearIntuitive and User Friendly Bang for your Buck Simple to teach, Quick to Master First Virtual Design & Construction Software Do more in less time

Traditional Software

$ 3500+

Per YearDifficult To Learn Costly Requires Upskilling Requires Specialisation Innumerable Amount of Complexities and Constraints

*You need to download SketchUp Pro, or SketchUp Make (free) to run PlusSpec

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

Work seamlessly from the office as well as the job site.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer_PlusSpec

  • Orbit around your PlusSpec models to show a live demonstration of the project.
  • Access your 3D models anywhere, anytime with both online and offline storage.
  • Create customized views of your model right at your fingertips.