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Become super-efficient with IFC & save hours, days, weeks or even months of time with the NEW IFC optimizer toolset for Sketchup

IFC inside Sketchup can be slow, messy and painful, so the team here decided to fix it. That’s right, we pimped the IFC ride so you can get more done, more accurately, in less time.

If you have imported an IFC Model into SketchUp you will know exactly what I am referring to when I say messy, and this is exactly what we have fixed with these new tools. The best thing about these new IFC tools is they’re easy to use,  work with 1 click, & the result will save you days or weeks of work on larger projects.

Okay, so what does the IFC To SketchUp optimizer do?

  1. IFC to SketchUp Organizer enables you to Import IFC Files into Sketchup 18, Sketchup 19 & Sketchup 20 (at the time this article was written, Sketchup 21 is not available to test, yet there is a pretty good chance it will work, if not let us know in the comments below.)
  2. IFC to SketchUp Organizer does just as the name suggests; it organizes your IFC import into Layers/Tags. Over 950 individual IFC classifications are identified and have all been automated.
  3. IFC to SketchUp Organizer removes triangulation. You may not notice, however an IFC Import to Sketchup can have thousands of hidden lines and these hidden lines not only slow your computer down, they hamper your workflow Eg: adding textures and colors to faces used to be a nightmare, now it is as easy as eating pie.
  4. IFC to SketchUp Organizer reduces the file size by a significant amount; in some cases up to 50%!  This enables your computer to work more efficiently and use fewer resources, saving you the cost of upgrading your hardware in many cases.
  5. IFC to SketchUp Organizer gives you options; to leave the IFC geometry in the location chosen by the original creator so you can re-export to Revit, ArchiCad, Bentley & any other IFC or DWG capable software, or you can choose to move the axis to the centre of the imported model. WHY? In some cases, the model can be miles away from the axis, which causes Sketchup to struggle as the model is now huge and clipping is a regular occurrence. The optimized IFC file ultimately makes IFC inside of Sketchup intuitive and easy to navigate and work with.
  6. IFC to SketchUp Organizer will give you an indication of time to import as some models are larger than others even if they do not look like it at a glance. This way you can work on something else while you are waiting or you can go and grab a well-deserved coffee and biscuits.
  7.  If your IFC model has several Building Storeys they will be organised into Tags as storeys and the sub-items inside of these storeys will be organised for you automatically. Now you can view individual storeys and work on different levels or you could add it to the PlusDesignBuild Levels and further detail and refine your BIM.
Improty File into Sketcup and reduce file size with one click

Reduced file size of IFC Import by 100 megabites

Drafting, Estimating, Procuring and Detailing with IFC models is Simple with the Right Tools.

But wait, this is just the beginning! IFC to Sketchup is a part of the PlusSpec suite and that means everything when you are continuing development of a project. Many will find the ability to continue detailing, drafting and estimating efficient and a pleasure to do.

  1. IFC to SketchUp Organizer inside PlusArchitect enables you to create elevations and plans and even detail your IFC mode up for brilliantly detailed section cuts.
  2. IFC to SketchUp Organizer inside PlusBuild enables you to detail your project so it can be built and manipulated into a Virtual Design & Construction model
  3. IFC to SketchUp Organizer inside PlusDesignBuild enables you to do everything our full suite of products offers you, including Quantity Surveying, Detailing, Purchase Orders, Client Quotations, Specifications, in fact, everything you’ll need for 2D 3D 4D 5D BIM.
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