Transforming BIM, with a commitment to continued development & customer focus – PlusSpec

While economies are struggling from the impact of Covid 19, at RubySketch we have continued to develop our PlusSpec software, empowering our customers with the latest construction technology, in today’s market.

Recently we launched PlusDesignBuild, which features 4D scheduling, connected 2D plans, advanced estimating and many more features geared to ensuring our clients get the most out of every project.  Our aim has always been to offer an end-to-end BIM solution to Architects, Builders and Designers, that’d increase their customer conversions and net profit take home – and it worked.

Being connected and proactive with customer feedback has been greatly beneficial in the development and growth of our software. Their input is paramount to us, and we will always do our best to ensure their software needs are met.  We encourage conversations with professionals for the betterment of industry as a whole.

Software for Designers

As we navigate to the future, we are currently reviewing accounting software integrations such as Xero and other innovative functionality. We are working with Open BIM solutions to enable Architects to deliver project via IFC and have these plans work seamlessly for continued detailing, cost association and scheduling and procurement.  For us it’s important that we continue on our journey of progression and we thank our loyal clients for all of the valuable feedback and will stay committed to improving and pushing the boundaries with the PlusSpec solutions .

Check out our latest innovation, PlusDesignBuild in action here or you can learn more of our current developments here

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