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SketchUp 2019 Review

SketchUp 2019 has just been released! As we do every year, we’ve been involved in the Beta Testing and have taken the time to highlight our favorite new features and improvements. Would you prefer to watch a video overview? Click HERE SketchUp 2019 Review: Our Thoughts All in all, everything feels faster and cleaner (both in SketchUp [...]

How To Become A Builder that Designs

Max Klause is now a Designer-Builder and he is the perfect example of a builder who quickly learned design to improve his customer offering via our 3D CAD software for Builders. He now uses PlusSpec in every part of his business (from sales, to design/drafting, to estimating and construction). “I was a newbie to any [...]

Customer Success Testimonial – Dirk Jackson (Builder)

We recently received the following testimonial from Dirk Jackson, and we loved it so much that we wanted to share it with the rest of you. Dirk sent us an email and also left the comment on our Podcast Blog page HERE. We love hearing from our customers, so if you are like Dirk and [...]

Season 1 Podcast End

Season 1 of our Architects are from Mars Builders are from Venus Podcast has come to an end, and we'd like to thank everyone who tuned in. We'd also like to give special thanks to all of our Guest Speakers. Thank you for being brave, involved and engaged! Never Listened? If you are new to [...]

SketchUp Basecamp 2018

RubySketch is sponsoring SketchUp Basecamp again this year, and we are super excited about showcasing PlusSpec at the event. This years Basecamp is set in sunny Palm Springs California, from the 24-28 September. Video Click HERE to watch a quick video showcasing what we're all about and some of the stuff that we'll be demonstrating [...]

Podcast Episode 7 – Featuring Andrew Dwight

Main Quotes or Takeaways * Understanding Actual vs Nominal structure/materials and why it's so important. * Understanding Dimensions and that you should almost always dimension from structure, not finish materials. * How mistakes in structure & MEP (air conditioning ducts, etc) can lead to Structural Butchering. * Watch a Video Tutorial on structure in PlusSpec [...]

Actual vs Nominal: Why it’s so important

We thought it was about time that we followed up from our recent blog on 'Are You Dimensioning Floor Plans Correctly?' If you haven't read it yet, no problem! You can read this post without having to read the other blog first. But, we would love for you to check out our Dimensioning blog post [...]

Podcast Episode 6 – Featuring Jackson Digney

Main Quotes or Takeaways * 2D plans are filled with grey areas, and there are always stuff in the plans that are not fully resolved. Because I give a fixed price, if I don't resolve them before I start building, they will be coming out of my pocket on site. * PlusSpec helps me pick [...]

Podcast Episode 5 – Featuring Greg Hamlyn

Main Quotes or Takeaways Download Builders Profits FREE How To Stand Out From Your Competition Resources & Checklist! SHOW ME MY FREE STUFF   * There are two keys to freedom in a business: Marketing and Sales. This episode focuses on Marketing and how to stand out from your competition. * When people don't see value they [...]

How to Subscribe to Podcasts Guide

You can subscribe to our Architects are from Mars Builders are from Venus Podcast and listen on your phone anywhere, anytime. Available on both Apple and Android phones or tablets. If you're new to Podcasts, read below for subscription instructions. How to subscribe to Apple Podcast iTunes If you already have iTunes, you can change [...]