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At RubySketch we are big fans of supporting Not-for-profit organizations, and one of the companies that we support with PlusSpec has recently shared their success story with us.

We loved it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone!

Article by Azad Lassiter, Construction Department Manager, Next Step Ministries:

This year with the help of PlusSpec we were able to design and start construction for a house for Diann. Diann had approached us to get some help on her house a few years ago. After visiting her house we decided that it would not be effective or safe to try to remodel her current house. So we made the decision to build a new one from the ground up.

This is when we first started using PlusSpec. PlusSpec has been a dream for us as a non-profit.
Using Sketchup can be pretty time consuming with the 300 some projects we do per year. With PlusSpec we have been able to increase our efficiency as well as the accuracy of our drawings.

After completing the initial drawings in may we started construction by laying the foundation in June. There were over 60 Volunteers involved in the getting the slab prepared and poured. After the foundation was poured we moved on to framing. In the month of July, we framed the house with another 80 volunteers. This spring we have more groups lined up to go and help finish the house. This summer we would hope to be finished with everything and be able to move Diann in.

Throughout the construction, PlusSpec has been great because it was easy to change the plans and make corrections or change orders quickly because everything is Dynamic! That is one of the worst aspects of working with Sketchup is having to edit. Overall this has been a great experience for us and PlusSpec has been instrumental in helping Diann get into a new home.

If you are a Not-for-profit and you want to do amazing things with PlusSpec also, contact us HERE.

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