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Max Klause is a Designer-Builder and he is the perfect example of a customer who quickly became a PlusSpec Ninja through training. He now uses PlusSpec in every part of his business (from sales, to design/drafting, to estimating and construction).

“I was not just a newbie to PlusSpec I was a CAD virgin as well. The 10 hour training pack enabled me to get the detailed base understanding of the program far quicker than struggling thru self-teaching and tutorials. It allowed me to ask the many novice questions and to get to the point of being able to problem solve most issues for myself much quicker. I would completely recommend it to any new user. I would also recommend using the training whilst working on an actual project rather than some practice exercise as it adds so much more to the importance of the process and the goal is far more obvious.

PlusSpec has changed my business. I now use the 3D model for client and planning application presentations, engineering detailing and to produce 2D drawings for full building application and on-site construction. The quantities for the structural and framing elements using PlusSpec have been very accurate and considerably more efficient than using more conventional estimating methods. The structural frame model viewer on-site for the carpenters has been one of the best tools I have ever used.

You can do 100x more with one PlusSpec for SketchUp Model than any other CAD/BIM/Estimating software combined!

  • Design: PlusSpec for SketchUp is the only CAD software that you can actually design with. All the others (AutoCad, Revit, ArchiCAD, etc) are just drafting boards.
  • Quote/Estimate: Everything you draw is quantified to create one-click Take-offs/BOMs, with the ability to add full pricing lists. Simply use the PDF importer and start tracing.
  • BIM: Everything you draw is filled with information, such as product specifications, schedules, material lengths, heights and widths, etc).
  • VDC: Filled with structure (with the ability to add full engineering). There is no better way to detail, find design errors, communicate with trades and build.
  • Sales: Immerse your customers in 3D and be rewarded (quicker customer approvals, easier up-sells, more chance of referrals, etc).
  • 2D Drawings: Your 3D model can automatically create professional 2D drawing sets for planning approvals and construction drawings in SketchUp Layout.

All images courtesy of Max Klause.

There is no other 3D BIM Design or Estimating software in the world that’s as easy to use and as powerful as PlusSpec. You just need to know how.

BOOK TRAINING NOW and become a Ninja like Max.

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