Podcast Episode 5 – Featuring Greg Hamlyn – PlusSpec

Main Quotes or Takeaways

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* There are two keys to freedom in a business: Marketing and Sales. This episode focuses on Marketing and how to stand out from your competition.

* When people don’t see value they will always argue price. You need to avoid platitudes (such as free quotes, or being professional, or on time). As a business, your customers expect these things.

* You need to focus on your point of difference. A fundamental part of this is understanding your buyers journey.

* If you are just relying on one leg of marketing, such as referrals, your business is in danger of breaking. You need 3-4 other legs of marketing to support your business, which will give you multiple ways to attract your ideal target market.

* Image is everything. Your company needs to stand out and show potential customers a professional image. One of the most important parts of this is having a professional website that doesn’t just look good, but also incorporates strategies that drive traffic to it, and with processes behind it that nurture your buyers journey.

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