Podcast Episode 7 – Featuring Andrew Dwight – PlusSpec

Main Quotes or Takeaways

* Understanding Actual vs Nominal structure/materials and why it’s so important.

* Understanding Dimensions and that you should almost always dimension from structure, not finish materials.

* How mistakes in structure & MEP (air conditioning ducts, etc) can lead to Structural Butchering.

* Watch a Video Tutorial on structure in PlusSpec for SketchUp.

* PlusSpec has been made so we can design the way we build.PlusSpec for SketchUp automates the vast majority of structure and allows advanced structure (steel, etc) to be easily included.

* PlusSpec allows Builders/Contractors to understand the structure of a project and prevent cost blow-outs due to mistakes. It also allows Value Engineering. But the most powerful benefit is that a 3D Virtual Design & Construction model will give confidence that the job can be built without error and on time.

* PlusSpec allows Structural Engineering to be easily overlaid and modelled in the Architectural model. This reduces the chance of error and allows the Architect to focus on detailing the design from the outset (and not as an afterthought).

* IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) removes the disconnect between all project-stakeholders. All professions in a project should be communicating in a single 3D model.

Guest Speaker Promo

Andrew Dwight is the Founder of RubySketch, makers of PlusSpec for SketchUp and the BIMbits 3D Library.

Company website: www.rubysketch.com

3D BIM & Estimating software: www.plusspec.com

Free 3D BIM Object Library: https://3dlibrary.rubysketch.com/


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