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Importing a Revit Model into Sketchup via IFC & create a report, BOQ or full estimate

Why put a Revit Model inside SketchUp? Many Architects and designers prefer the way Sketchup enables them to view or present a 3D model including the creation of live sections and animations.  All in all, SketchUp gives us the feeling of freedom, it’s affordable and it’s really kind of fun in comparison to Revit or […]

Modular Construction: Tips & Tricks for designing a modular building

It seems everybody is talking about modular construction these days. Some would even say that if you don’t have modular construction on your radar, your business is in danger of falling behind. Well, I don’t know about that – but I do know a thing or two about modular building, and I’m happy to share some […]

Load paths and weight distribution can make or break a budget

Designers can now see load paths at design concept stage to reduce the cost of the engineer. Hi everyone, I thought I should get a bit technical and talk about load paths and weight distribution and why I decided we needed it in PlusSpec, after all, we are not engineers right? Diagram outlining a typical […]

Getting a project, urban plan or development out of the ground more efficiently!


Young people are snubbing the construction industry – but why?

Does the construction industry have a disconnect with Millenials? Many of us wrongly think that the new generation of young adults entering the workforce are afraid of hard work and physical labour. However, statistics show that they’ll go to the gym, jog, and do more sport than we ever did. So if it’s not laziness or […]

Architects & builders: Communication is key!

Design Professionals, Engineers and the Construction Industry need to foster strong relationships. However, I know that this is not often the case. I have been observing communication breakdown for the last 25 years, and I am still unable to put my finger on the exact reason why this happens time and again. At first, I […]

Construction Estimating and Quantity Take-off

What is the best estimating software to use in residential and commercial projects? Estimating a project can be hit and miss, and it takes a long time to ensure you are accurate. There are a lot of programs available on the market these days, and it is tricky to know which one will work for your […]

Design & Construction efficiency reduces waste and makes industry more profitable

Improving  construction efficiency. After 24 years in the design and construction industry, I sit back and look at how much money is thrown away due to waste.  There are many things that contribute to waste, and I have observed it first hand in large companies, as well as in my own custom design & construct […]

3D Construction Details for Communication

Traditional 2D construction details are inherently difficult to understand. Why? Because they are not a natural way of viewing the world. Until now, they were simply the only way to represent complex ideas, in a way that could be deciphered. When I first started out in construction I was overwhelmed by 2D plans, let alone […]

10 Tips to Becoming Successful as a Design & Construction Company

I have been designing and building for 30 years. Integrated Design & Build firms are a different animal to the traditional Client + Architect + Builder scenario. They are more profitable, but they usually have a larger staff ratio, which can be a bit of a handful and a trap for ‘inexperienced’ players. Essentially the […]