If you need to produce 2D drawings, the PlusSpec Layout Kick-starter Pack will get you up and running fast.

Start right, finish right. Use Layout like a Pro, with SketchUp Pro!

Get your PlusSpec Layout Kick-starter Pack for just $50 AUD / $40 USD

Template Layouts (Our PlusSpec templates require SketchUp Pro)


  • 11 x 17″ Side & Bottom Title Block Set
  • 24 x 36″ Side & Bottom Title Block Set


  • A3 Side & Bottom Title Block Set
  • A1 Side & Bottom Title Block Set

Additional Paper Sizes

If you need to create additional paper sizes, you can simply save one of the Templates as a new version, change the paper size, and adjust content to suit.


Each Template comes with a Guide (several pages), which will explain how to use and edit the Templates.

Smart Text

The Title block and the page symbols have smart text, which automates how you name the different elements in your 2D drawing set.

Take a Look

[Simply customize the Templates (title block, page numbering and all other content) to suit your Company and style]

Template Pages

  • Notes/Legends Sheet
  • Site Plan
  • First Floor Plan
  • Second Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • RCP
  • Electrical Plan
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Large Scale Plans
  • Details
  • Window/Door Schedules
  • Shadow Diagrams
  • User Defined
  • Perspectives

Template Layers

Layers are key to becoming a Layout Master.

All of the Templates come with our tried-and-tested Layering system that will let you organize your drawings like a Pro!

Scrapbook Templates

Scrapbooks are sets of drafting symbols. Although Layout comes with default sets, the PlusSpec Kick-starter takes it to the next level and organizes your symbols to match your common pages (site, plans, elevations, etc).

Some of our symbols are also super intelligent, such as the door and window symbols. When you place/link them to a door or window, they will smart/auto label the symbols to match the door or window number or attribute!

Our Kick-starter also comes with dimensions that have long leader lines and short leader lines. By default, Layout comes with long leader line dimensions only. So if you use short leader lines for your dimensions (common for Metric countries), this is a must have!

Take a Look

[Simply customize the symbols or sets to suit your Company and style]

Included Symbol Sets

  • Site Symbols
  • Plan Symbols
  • Section/Elevation Symbols
  • Text & General Drafting Symbols
  • Electrical Symbols
  • Dimension Symbols
  • Grid Symbols
  • Revision Symbols
  • Notes Symbols
  • Legend Symbols

All This for Just $50 AUD / $40 USD!