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  • Don’t stress! You will NOT be charged if you decide PlusSpec isn’t for you.
  • There is NO commitment and NO cancellation fees if you cancel before the end of the free period.
  • It is your responsibility to cancel and we have a strict no-refund policy.
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  • If you love PlusSpec, you’ll automatically join the plan you signed up to. Easy!

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Subscription Benefits

You may not like “renting” software, however, the pros outweigh the cons many times over.

The latest technology: We release amazing updates frequently, so you will always be using the latest and greatest version.

Reduces initial cost: We want to make PlusSpec affordable and flexible. Subscriptions give you full control over what you spend.

Use it when you need it: With PlusSpec there is no commitment. You can cancel and renew at any time HERE, 24 hours a day. No contract, no fees.

100% tax deductible: Enough said!

Never lose your work: Even if you cancel PlusSpec, you will NEVER lose your work. You can still open, back save, share and modify your projects using SketchUp.