What’s next?

Although we’re still¬†completing the finishing touches to our next BIG update (PlusSpec 17), the team at PlusSpec are busy little bees, and we never stop working!


We have hundreds (literally) of items on our development list – and many of these are user requests. Unlike many of our competitors, our users opinions matter to us, and that is what makes us the best software solution around!

Something big is coming…

And you won’t believe it until you see it!

We can’t wait to show you what it is…but you’ll have to wait a little while longer before you can see what we have been working on…


You want a sneak peek, huh?!


We’ll give you a hint:

Roofs will never be the same again!

You Ask, We Listen

We believe that PlusSpec for SketchUp is revolutionising BIM and Estimating (particularly within Residential construction). But, we are committed to making it even better.

At PlusSpec, we take the time to listen to what our customers want. We value your feedback, and we would like to thank the PlusSpec community for your ongoing support, ideas, and suggestions.

The best thing about being part of the PlusSpec community is that you can influence the future of PlusSpec. So please, keep sending us your ideas and suggestions.