Sketchup 14 and PlusSpec - PlusSpec

Hi guys, I have been fielding a lot of emails from our Australian users about how does PlusSpec go inside of Sketchup 14.

I am pleased to say PlusSpec works  inside of Sketchup 14 and I am so happy with the updates in Layout. If BIM is your thing then you will love PlusSpec inside Sketchup 14.

We do have a few small teething issues with network drives, yet if you are using Sketchup on a local drive than you will have no problems

Many of the 30+ million Sketchup users use Sketchup for concept design and then export the model to other software such as Autocad, Revit & Archicad. In the early stages of Layout I did the exact same thing.  Can I suggest if you are still doing this you should consider giving Layout another try. Essentially you are are doing the same thing twice.

I know a lot of you have not had the privilege of using PlusSpec yet when you do, I’m sure you’ll find that drawing in 3d and plotting to 2d has never been easier.

In Australasia a lot of architects provide a specification with their drawings and this is a huge driving force behind BIM.  I like you needed to have an accurate specification and I wanted that specification to be directly related to the model. To date this functionality has alluded Sketchup users yet with the addition of PlusSpec, this is easier to do in Sketchup Pro than any other software package I have ever used.

sketchup14-bim-plusspec-design-build-architect-builder1 sketchup14-bim-plusspec-design-build-architect-builder


Parametrics in Sketchup… Hooray!

Many Sketchup users say goodbye to their model once they are out of concept stage, as editing a model can be cumbersome, especially if the user is not experienced.  Having the ability to add, remove, adjust and alter was never a simple process. Well my friends those days are gone!

Adding scenes and altering geometry to enable 2d plotting in Layout was time consuming to say the least!  With PlusSpec those days are gone..

Quantifying with Sketchup could be done yet it was a hit and miss event. If you are not a Sketchup Ninja then forget about it. Those days are also gone.

How about creating Groups and components? need I say it… Gone!

So many niggles that used to bug me and take away from my design dare I say it?  GONE!

If you have not pre registered for PlusSpec you may want to hurry before they are all…… Gone.