Podcast Episode 3 – Featuring Garry Jones – PlusSpec

Main Quotes or Takeaways

* Graphic communication is essential but it needs deciphering and can be interpreted differently by each person reading the drawing. In the past, a lot of meetings were taking place, which did solve a lot of these problems. But because time is money, a lot of these meetings have slowed down (or no longer take place).

* It’s normal that there is a bit of friction on each job between the Architect and Builder/Contractor, as the Architect needs to protect the interests of the client and the design intent.

* Clients are now more often looking to save money and remove many of the roles and responsibilities of the Architect at the various stages. This can leave the design and drawings open to interpretation. But because Architects love what they do, they often give a lot of their time away (unpaid), especially if the Builder/Contractor has questions during the build.

* The look of a building is the best form of marketing for an Architect and one of the main ways to get recurring work. As such, there is always a compromise that needs to be made when doing unpaid work. However, Architects shouldn’t be afraid to request additional payment from a client, especially if they have set up the job well from the beginning clearly outlining each role and the consequences for not being engaged for a certain role.

* A 3D Virtual Design & Construction Model that can be used by all project stakeholders (including trades) will address many of the communication issues among industry and will lead to increased efficiency and profitability.

Guest Speaker Promo

Company: Karité Consulting

Connect with Garry: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garry-jones-60b5b123/

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