Podcast Episode 2 – Featuring Ross Beattie – PlusSpec

Main Quotes or Takeaways

* A 2D plan isn’t enough for what we need. A working 3D model that shows all the detail (aesthetic and structural) is essential to avoid errors and for the build to meet it’s targets, because you can lose a hell of a lot of money at the beginning of a build with one simple error.

* I don’t understand why Architects sometimes set out the walls on finished linings. When we set out on site, we’re not accounting for linings. We’re setting out the walls from structure. If an Architect sets out the walls on finished linings, that is going to create massive confusion on site.

* When guys are on site they should have a good flow of work without any issues. You don’t want air-conditioning shafts coming through your trusses/rafters and we’ve all seen that. It’s hard for a tradesman to see his good fine work getting butchered for a pipe.

* PlusSpec (for SketchUp) is the tool that solves all the communication issues. It’s not just me verbally having to speak about problems. Now I can provide details and show the 3D model, and the Architect/Client/Trade will understand straight away. It’s a huge bonus for the Builders to have.

* Once you have the 3D model, you can find the problems for every trade. You can be more than 2 weeks ahead of the job because you have already solved the problems, or can solve problems on site before your team even know that there have been problems. It puts the information back into the Builders hands.

* I find modelling with PlusSpec quite fun. It’s being able to build a building without getting dirty. If I am able to build the building in 3D and find all of the potential problems, that means I am relaxed on site. That means I’m ahead of the boys and I know the plans inside and out.

* Even trades have trouble reading 2D plans. I use PlusSpec to show my trades. If I ask them to come in to have a look at the plans and try to tell them where there are potential issues, it would go in one ear and out the other. But with the model, they become enthusiastic about taking a look at the job and can picture the build and understand everything straight away.

* Time is money. With the 3D model I can take quick measurements straight off the model without having to run around on site.

* Customers need to see a bit more bang for their buck and it’s great to show them a bit of technology. It’s good for them to see that the money is not just being spent on bricks and mortar. Clients get tired of always having to give that cheque. With the model, you can show the workmanship that needs to go into the building.

* With PlusSpec, my jobs are now 20% more efficient.

Guest Speaker Promo

Company Bio: Green Anvil Co. specialise in inner-city & city fringe residential renovations and hospitality fit-outs.

Web: www.greenanvilco.com

Instagram: @greenanvilco

Email: info@greenanvilco.com

Contacts: Sam O’Flaherty & Ross Beattie

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