Are you an Architect, Designer, Builder or Estimator in the United Kingdom? PlusSpec is launching a UK Material Library that will revolutionize your CAD 3D BIM software workflow – PlusSpec

PlusSpec for SketchUp is an amazing new design and estimating 3D CAD software, that combines the power of BIM (Building Information Modelling), VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), 3D Modelling, 2D Planning/documentation, and Estimation. PlusSpec uses real manufacturers products from the free RubySketch online library, and generates automatic specifications and product schedules. Material take-offs and estimates are formulated as you design.

PlusSpec is the first CAD software that benefits both Design Professionals and Builders equally.

Material take-offs and estimates (Builders) and feasibility studies (Architects) will never be the same again.

Although PlusSpec for SketchUp can be used for any type or size of construction, PlusSpec has been specifically developed for Residential design and construction. Please take a moment of your time to go to our website and learn how PlusSpec will benefit you, no matter where you live in the world:

Earlier this year, we officially launched PlusSpec, which included Australian and US Material libraries. However, we understand that construction methodologies differ from country to country, so we are dedicated to releasing PlusSpec software versions that suit every region around the globe.

Since our launch, we have had thousands of requests from UK Architects and Builders for a UK Material Library.

You Asked, We Listened.

Introducing the PlusSpec UK Material Library:

We are proud to announce that the PlusSpec UK material library is coming soon. We are currently Beta testing, and foresee an imminent release.

Although we believe that this is a big step in the right direction for our UK users, this is just the beginning, and there is a lot more to come!

Do we have every manufacturer in the UK? Not yet. However, in the coming months, we will be working with UK manufacturers to create more content, and to establish a comprehensive and dedicated UK product library.

In the meantime, you can create your own products and materials, and associate the brand, and other desired ‘BIM’ information (such as size, cost, etc), which you can save for repetitive use. If you generate your own free-form custom objects, or use a model/component/family from another software package, just remember to use the PlusSpec BIM tool, so that it becomes a true smart object, with all of the necessary information.

So, what’s new in this PlusSpec update + the UK Material Library?:

Block and Beam Tool

We are proud to announce the release of this amazing Block and Beam option, which allows our UK users to generate this popular floor typology with a simple click of a button. The new Block and Beam floor option is generated with the Floor Joist Tool. This floor option has been one of the biggest requests from our UK users, and we know that its inclusion is going to dramatically enrich the workflow of all UK architects and builders.

Brick and Block sizes(UK):

PlusSpec now contains all of the standard UK block sizes. With PlusSpec, you model is a virtual representation of what will be built. Simply select the size of block that you want to use, and all of the information will be captured in the model and the Take-Off: size, thickness, quantity, price, etc. Like all of the walls in PlusSpec, the blocks are parametric, so if you decide to change the size of block, you can simply modify it with the click of a button.

Brands and Materials (UK)

It is important to understand that generic content can inevitably lead to errors through misrepresentation. PlusSpec uses real products, from real manufacturers, and allows you to create your own. PlusSpec will give you an enormous advantage over your competitors by reducing human interpretation of products.

PlusSpec comes with a direct link to the Rubysketch online library, which provides our users with access to real manufacturers’ products, specifications and warranties. All products are exact representations of the actual product, which mitigates the possibilities of error, and creates a smarter and more accurate documentation set.

We took the liberty of creating several UK manufacturers products for the PlusSpec UK release. However, this is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will be working with UK manufacturers to create more content, and to establish a dedicated UK product library.

Composite Walls (stage 1)

This is Stage 1 of turning all of the PlusSpec wall types into Composite walls (full control of layers).

Stage 1 allows users to include actual thickness of materials, such as, plasterboard/gyprock, as well as being able to include (and assign a thickness to) cavity insulation. It also allows the use of timber battens on timber stud wall types.

Concrete Walls

We are happy to announce the the addition of the Concrete wall type, which has been a popular request. The Concrete wall tool allows the user to easily adjust the wall thickness, which also automatically quantifies the cubic capacity for walls.  


The new Skirting tool is simple and powerful. You do not have to trace or select walls. Whenever you model a floor, you are able to automatically generate parametric skirting, which you are free to modify or remove at any time.

TAG Tool

This new tool enables unprecedented collaboration, by allowing you and your consultants to assign notes or questions directly inside the model. You can also add information that you want captured in the Take-Off, such as billable time or variations. Builders will be able to generate visual RFI’s by assigning a tag to the detail in question, and the design team will be able to locate the RFI and answer it without the need for any deciphering.

Timber stud framing sizes (UK)

PlusSpec now contains all of the standard UK timber stud sizes. Simply choose the required timber size from the list and ensure the accuracy of your drawings. If you need to change timber sizes to align with your engineers specifications, you can simply select your walls and then assign a new timber size.

And much more, such as:

  • Generic wall types
  • Generic materials (Rammed Earth, etc)
  • Handrail tool
  • General bug-fixes & improvements

At PlusSpec, we take the time to listen to what our customers want. The best thing about being part of the PlusSpec community is that you can influence the future of PlusSpec.

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