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PlusSpec: Revolutionizing BIM/VDC for the Construction Industry

Why You Need to Join the BIM/VDC Revolution! Do you need an intuitive and easy-to-use program to quickly create the required drawings for a project and simultaneously output the quantities, or to quickly draw up existing plans to accurately quote/tender on? Are you sick and tired of wasting away your hours tediously preparing quantity take-offs? […]

Villa Savoye_PlusSpec for SketchUp Tutorial Series

Architect: Le Corbusier Project: Villa Savoye PlusSpec for SketchUp: Advanced Modelling Tutorial Set This video Tutorial set has been released to demonstrate the PlusSpec modelling workflow. The Villa Savoye is an icon of the International style and modernist movement. It is an ideal demonstration for the PlusSpec workflow, as it is challenging enough to showcase a […]

Drawing off axis in Sketchup or over a Google earth image can slow you down. Anyone got a better tip?

Hi guys, If you like to geo-locate your designs, then this tip will save you hours of frustration! When you import import your site with 3D terrain from Google Earth, it correctly orientates the site. However, if you want your model to be aligned with the global axis, so that you can accurately determine the […]

PlusSpec is the perfect software for the Education of Architecture, Engineering and Construction students

There are two main dilemmas for the tuition of Architecture. The first dilemma is how to teach an understanding of construction, subsequent to design. The second dilemma is a modern consequence of the abandonment of the pen and paper: how to teach architectural software (and which ones to choose?). Instructors of architecture understand that design […]

Efficiency creates throughput and job creation. My 2 cents worth.

I find it amazing that many shy away from innovation for fear of it rendering personnel redundant. It is a counterproductive argument. Just imagine if Henry Ford decided not to create motorized vehicles for the fear it would put blacksmiths out of work. History shows blacksmiths became mechanics and the world moved on. Sure there […]

PlusSpec 2015 Update Release Notes

PlusSpec 2015 Update Customization: Now you can create and customize your own wall-types/materials and structural framing. Any new wall-types/materials or framing that you create will be saved in your personal library, and available for you to select, at the click of a button, collaboration with IFC is now simple. You can also edit your custom […]

PlusSpec 2015 Official Release

PlusSpec 2015 is officially Here! After years of development, and months of Beta testing, we are proud to announce that we have officially launched the Full version of PlusSpec: PlusSpec 2015. PlusSpec is a new building design, planning and estimating BIM software, that brings together the power of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Estimation, 3D Modelling, 2D […]

PlusSpec Challenge – Present + Document – The SketchUp Layout Competition

PlusSpec Proudly Presents:   Please click on the following link to download the Competition Brief, and information on Prizes: PlusSpec Challenge – SKUP Layout 2D documentation Competition Brief_Official Release Please click on the following link to download the Cover Page. Note: You must submit the cover sheet with your submission. Ensure that you fill out and […]

Residential BIM

To date building information modelling has been targeted at the $20 million+ end of the construction  market. Large commercial projects are seeing clear advantages in this area and with good reason. The key is the “I” in BIM. A well constructed model with the correct information associated to the project can save millions of dollars […]

3D models for construction how hard is it?

Hi guys, many builders & tradespeople would love to be able to draw up their own homes yet to date it has been difficult as the software available was never easy to use. This video gives a quick overview of PlusSpec. Introduction to PlusSpec PlusSpec is the easiest tool to design and build with. Here are […]