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You Asked, We Listened

We believe that PlusSpec for SketchUp is revolutionising BIM and Estimating (particularly within Residential construction). But, we are committed to making it even better.

At PlusSpec, we take the time to listen to what our customers want. We value your feedback, and we would like to thank the PlusSpec community for your ongoing support, ideas, and suggestions.

The best thing about being part of the PlusSpec community is that you can influence the future of PlusSpec. So please, keep sending us your ideas and suggestions.

We love hearing from you. So, please continue to help us, help you.

The team at PlusSpec have been working hard to capture everything that you have asked for, and we are trying to incorporate each suggestion as quickly as possible. However, we also have some remarkable, game-changing plans for the future. We have no doubt that you are going to love each and every update.

What is new in PlusSpec 2016?:

Do you prefer to watch videos, than reading? If so, you may like to take a look at our What’s New in PlusSpec 2016 Overview video, instead:

Or, take a look at our In depth 2016 update Tutorial video:

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

NEW Tools

  • North ToolsThe new North tools allow users to geolocate their site, and then set Project North, which will adjust the site and North Point accordingly. Sun and Shadow Diagrams will be set at Project North, but accurately capture the sun to real world conditions. Users will now also be able to automatically generate Sun & Shadow Analysis plans, with the addition of a new scene set.
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Tool – The new MEP tool allows you add more information to your model to aid early error detection and clashes. Currently, you can select from hot and cold water, grey water, gas, recycled water, steel pipe, fire pipes, exhaust & air conditioning ducting and electrical conduit.
  • Roof Truss Tool – The new Truss tool allows you to create trussed roof framing.


  • Fractional measurements (e.g 9′ 1 1/8″) & ratio pitches/angles (e.g 1:4) are now supported in dialogues.
  • Walls have been given a thickness for plasterboard/moulding, and better visualisation for 2D & 3D scenes.
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP) scenes have been added to the Scene Tool.
  • Cornice options have been added to the Ceiling Tool.
  • Advanced voids/cutouts for slabs, joists, flooring & wall surfaces.
  • Advanced slab recess & penetrations.
  • Merged Roof Tools: There is now a Skillion Roof Tool & a Hip Roof Tool.
  • Fascia, gutter profiles, valley, ceiling insulation & sarking options have been added to the Hip Roof Tool.
  • Stramit roofing products have been added to the Roof Tools (for our Australian users).
  • Timber LVL headers have been added as an option for windows & doors.
  • Materials have been updated & added. Make sure you sync your library!
  • Door materials have been moved to the Door Tool dialogue.
  • Inside the Job Tool you can now add your company logo & enter site classifications, which will also be displayed in takeoffs.
  • Inside the Settings Tool, you can now select which Material Library (Country) to use, select the currency symbol that best suits your region, as well as the ability to choose the units (metric or imperial) to write/display in all PlusSpec dialogues.
  • You can now export your takeoff/estimate directly into Excel, in XML format.
  • The Machine ID mismatch error has been fixed.
  • The Tag Tool has an updated dialogue, and also a reply field.
  • The Stair Tool now has winder stairs & an updated dialogue, which allows you to create & apply materials.
  • The component option fields have been moved to new dialogue.
  • Intuitive dimension strings now guide the insertion of windows and doors. These dimensions can be toggled so that doors and windows can be inserted or offset by exact distances, and from different points (exterior wall, interior wall, frame, etc).
  • A French door type has been added.
  • All doors and windows can now be opened inward/outward (previously, windows could only open outward).
  • The Layer field in the BIM Tool is now in alphabetical order.
  • More tutorials have been made for our new and existing tools.

What’s coming soon?:

  • All of our dialogues are going to get overhauled, making them more powerful, and more intuitive.
  • Composite materials & paint.
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