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Myles Gillan is a Building Design Student, based in South East Queensland, Australia. In this blog interview we discuss how PlusSpec for SketchUp has not only helped his studies, but has also given him an advantage over his peers.

‘When I was designing without PlusSpec, I felt like I was always having to explain every part of my design. But with PlusSpec, people just get it right away.’

Tell us about yourself, your studies and the type of work you do.

I’m a student building designer from Brisbane. I currently work with an Architect, and also with my father, who is a Builder. Both companies mostly work on residential houses around South East Queensland.

Before PlusSpec, were you doing a lot of design work?

Before PlusSpec I was working as a carpentry apprentice for my father’s building company. I was only doing a bit of design work but I was always interested in working as a building designer. Being able to learn PlusSpec quickly and use my site experience was easy to do and that’s what I love about PlusSpec. It feels like I’m actually building with PlusSpec, rather than just drawing lines.

How has PlusSpec helped the businesses you work for?

I introduced PlusSpec to both my father’s Building company and the Architect that I work for. PlusSpec has changed the way that we present homes to clients. We still use 2D plans, but the big change is how we now use the 3D model as a sales tool. Because we can walk a client around their home and upsell products or material selections on the spot, it is far quicker to get them to sign off on their choices. And for them, there is no confusion. They know exactly what their home will look like. Because the product and material selections in the model are real products, we spend way less time with physical samples.

How has PlusSpec helped your studies?

PlusSpec has helped me understand complex details, not only on site as an apprentice but during my building design studies. Being able to quickly draw accurate structure and see what builders and teachers are talking about is helpful and an easy way to learn. My construction detailing has gone from strength to strength.

What do you like about PlusSpec?

When I was designing without PlusSpec, I felt like I was always having to explain every part of my design. But with PlusSpec, people just get it right away. I don’t even need to speak anymore.

I also like the ability make changes quickly, efficiently and correctly. The flexibility to customise materials and make new materials is very useful once you know what you’re doing.

How has PlusSpec helped you improve the most?

I feel like I can design better, because I can visualize every detail and really understand form. But I’d say it’s how I can communicate. Although I have only just started drafting, because it’s tied to a 3D model, I’m confident that my 2D drawings are accurate. And I’m getting faster and more professional with each drawing I produce. I really like how I have complete control over the look and style of each set.

You can take a look at more of Myles Gillan’s work for The Design Hub Qld HERE

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