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BIM content can be detrimental to a manufacturer’s business, if it is not done correctly. Many manufacturers make the classic error of trying to replicate their products exactly. This is a big mistake. The people who will use your content are comprised of various professionals (architects, interior designers, builders), and each profession requires different kinds of content.

However, even though 3D BIM content is fraught with innumerable complexities and common errors, there is no doubt that manufacturers must create intelligent digital 3D BIM content to accompany their product line. Indeed, for manufacturers, a quality BIM library is just as important as a website and all other forms of marketing. To stay competitive, you need to place your products directly into the hands of those specifying your products – and more importantly, to understand how they will be used.

The benefits of creating 3D BIM content of your products is intangible, but, it is simply a ‘must have’. Firstly, you will you be providing architects, interior designers, builders and engineers with appropriate representations of your products, suited for their specific professional needs, and carrying all of the required information. Secondly, it is the single best way to get your products specified from the earliest stage of a design, and to mitigate mistakes by ensuring that your products are used correctly in the first instance.

You need professional advice.

RubySketch specializes in creating BIM content solutions and 3D content across multiple design platforms (SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD) for manufacturers.

We know the industry.

The RubySketch team is made up of industry professionals (architects, builders, engineers), which is why we understand what your users want, and how they want to use your content. We are your customers, and we keep up to date with all of the current BIM workflows and professional trends.

Simplistically complex

Our team at RubySketch knows when and for whom to create simple or complex 3D content, and we have streamlined the process, so that it is easy to understand and quick to implement.

We care.

Getting to know our customers is the key to a successful BIM content solution. We do not want to simply create high quality BIM content. We want to create BIM content solutions, which will directly benefit your company – and that will actually be used by your customers.

Quality is key.

We don’t settle for anything but the most user-friendly and holistic content solutions. There is no point creating a BIM content solution if it will not be used by your customers. We have some of the best content creators in the world. We specialize in SketchUp content, but have created a very good relationship with companies like igs group, who are also world leaders in quality Revit content.

Bang for your buck.

For a small consultancy fee, you can meet with one of our team members and discuss the best BIM content solution for your company. From this, you will receive a report, which will outline to you our advice, as well as all associated costs for implementation.

Get it right the first time, and get in touch with RubySketch.

RubySketch has established itself at the foremost content solution consultants and content providers. We have a large number of big name Manufacturers, and there is a reason why have put their trust in RubySketch.

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