Sketchup for construction and estimating - PlusSpec

Being a builder / trades person primarily I wanted to use Sketchup for construction. In short if you are well trained in Sketchup then it can be done yet it can be a time consuming process.  Who has the time for that?

Wall with PlusSpec and wall with Sketchup

If you’re in construction you will understand the amount of products, tradespeople and coordination that goes into a successful project. Then quantifying the amount of materials alone is a task that could make or break your profit margin. Drawing a 3d model in Sketchup is not a construction model. Drawing with Sketchup is a good way to represent a project visually yet the detailing work and quantities are a major factor of construction and one all builders would have an understanding of. I personally learned how to draw everything piece by piece and realised that there was a lot of repetition of tasks and far too much time involved in creating construction models in Sketchup. A little over 7 years ago I decided to figure out how to automate the process for all of us. I created PlusSpec for construction and for design.  I needed a tool that was easy to use and a model that I could actually build from. I needed a tool that would quantify as it drew and I needed a tool that could show my trades people and clients how the structure looked and went together. PlusSpec is the best tool I have in my kit and I am sure you will find the same. The further you get into drawing with it the more you will realise it actually does. There is nothing like it in the world and I hope you guys enjoy it and utilise it as much as myself.

Oh and this is just the beginning……

Stay tuned for more.

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