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Construction details in Sketchup, Example for download

Hi Guys, I was having a play with some construction details in SketchUp and I thought it would be a good idea to share one with you. I have uploaded the model onto RubySketch so you can see how I did it. No doubt it will come in handy.  You can find the model to […]

Simplifying the BIM process whist allowing for creativity

There are very few architects and/or builders that can lay claim to understanding a combination of both the design and construction components of our industry. Why? The reasons are simple. To be a professional it takes experience & dedication in order to be considered good. Are there enough hours in a life time to learn […]

Sketchup inside of Archicad with IFC

  Hi guys you may be happy to know that Archicad 17 has much better Sketchup integration. Yet so too does 15 with the IFC capabilities in Sketchup 14       IFC Import from Sketchup 14 and PlusSpec into Archicad 15 Back in 15 and 16 Archicad models used to come in triangulated Yet with […]

2D, 3D, 4D and 5D parametrics in Sketchup.

BIM in SketchUp done the right way. BIM in Sketchup, we spent 8 years developing PlusSpec for my design and construction company and now we are sharing it with the world. Collaboration in 3D is the future, associating time and cost is imperative in the design and construction industry.  I hope you enjoy this video. […]

Sketchup 14 and PlusSpec

Hi guys, I have been fielding a lot of emails from our Australian users about how does PlusSpec go inside of Sketchup 14. I am pleased to say PlusSpec works  inside of Sketchup 14 and I am so happy with the updates in Layout. If BIM is your thing then you will love PlusSpec inside […]

What makes a great Architect or Designer?

The ability to visualise a flat 2 dimensional image and comprehend how the corresponding elevations will work in conjunction. That is usually not a big problem for architects, designers or builders as they are creative and experienced individuals with spatial ability, but when it comes to communicating and presenting their ideas and creations to clients, […]

Sketchup for Units of Measurement

 Units of measure around the world. In Australia we use primarily metric for everything. Some of the old tradies will still talk in feet and inches yet when ordering, specifying and constructing metric is the only way to communicate. As you guys probably know we are about to release PlusSpec, it is a BIM add […]

Sketchup for construction and estimating

Being a builder / trades person primarily I wanted to use Sketchup for construction. In short if you are well trained in Sketchup then it can be done yet it can be a time consuming process.  Who has the time for that? If you’re in construction you will understand the amount of products, tradespeople and […]

How to add Grass and sky in Sketchup with styles

So I got a couple of questions asking how can you add grass and sky in Sketchup. There are a few ways you could achieve this, below is one way and probably the easiest way: 1. Click on the window tab and select styles (highlighted below): 2. You’ll be presented with a new window like […]