New PlusSpec Pro 19 – The Latest Virtual Building Technology

Sales conversion + Estimating + Problem Solving all-in-one program

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    PlusSpec is user-friendly software that allows you to virtually build accurate 3D models efficiently.    With PlusSpec, you draw using real, scaled materials that you can associate price to and generate a complete bill of quantities and cut lists which you can export and distribute accordingly.


Produce more in Less Time


Produce accurate, organised and information-rich material takeoffs and quoting. Simply import and trace 2D plans, associate price with materials & installation and generate a complete bill of quantities, organised takeoffs and even material cut lists. Use your takeoffs to order the exact amount of materials you require the first time and save hundreds of dollars in time and resources.

PLan and estimate
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1. Import PDF (s)

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2. Trace

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3. Associate Price

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4. Generate Exportable Takeoffs & Cut lists

2D plan quickly being drawn into 3D

Virtually Build and Eliminate Error


Easily identify and correct preventable error by virtually building. Visualise exactly how your job needs to come together and identify risks, time restraints and other important details before you get to the site. Once you have a PlusSpec model, you have a central source of communication with all trades involved in bringing your project from concept to construction.

More than just an Estimating Program


Convert more potential clients into paying customers with 3D models they can picture living in. Upsell and budget with a model that is adaptable to the financial situation of your clients. Quote on the day and show clients exactly what they are getting for their money.

Watch to see why customers choose PlusSpec Builders
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Get Control over your Projects and Amend plans to Council


PlusSpec gives you the ability to generate 2D plans for council straight from your models. The views for your 2D plans are produced in the click of a button and change with your model so you never redraw a thing. Forget wasting money and time going back and forth between external drafters and lose the risk of inaccuracy.

Modern House 3D Model VDC
Zhen Liu from RTInvest produced this model within 3 weeks with no previous CAD experience.

Spend less time Learning and more time Earning


PlusSpec is easy to learn and use and it’s designed for professionals who are too busy to spend hundreds of hours figuring out how to drive BIM software. Every tool has built-in video tutorials, so you can get good fast.



Inbuilt tutorials in every tool make learning easy



Generate accurate, priced Takeoffs: a full list of materials in one click

find errors


See complex plan errors that aren’t easy to find in a 2D plan, before you get to site.

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Communicate with clients like never before and win 9/10 jobs

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