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Choosing colours & fabric patterns – like a boss!

If you haven’t engaged a interior designer to assist with your selections and need to make timely decisions for the planning stage or the ordering process, here are a couple of considerations to make before selecting colours and textile design. Colour harmonies that are on song There is no such thing as a bad colour, […]

Introducing FREE weekly webinars

Did you know that we now hold a FREE Webinar EVERY week?! We understand that change can be hard, that's why we're here to help. Each week we have people from over 20 countries attend, from every profession: Architects, Designers, Interiors, Builders, Trades, Engineers, Estimators and Manufacturers. Uniting the design and construction Industry, (so that [...]

Wearable Technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: Microsoft Hololens

Wearable technology is the way of the future, in and out of the workplace. We didn’t realize we needed a smart watch until Apple and Samsung told us we did – and now half of us can’t live without one. Innovative and accurate technology is now at our fingertips (quite literally) more than ever, and […]

Young people are snubbing the construction industry – but why?

Does the construction industry have a disconnect with Millenials? Many of us wrongly think that the new generation of young adults entering the workforce are afraid of hard work and physical labour. However, statistics show that they’ll go to the gym, jog, and do more sport than we ever did. So if it’s not laziness or […]

Design & Construction efficiency reduces waste and makes industry more profitable

Improving  construction efficiency. After 24 years in the design and construction industry, I sit back and look at how much money is thrown away due to waste.  There are many things that contribute to waste, and I have observed it first hand in large companies, as well as in my own custom design & construct […]

Behind The Eight Ball: Architects and Builders/Contractors need to communicate with more 3D & less 2D

 What is going on with the design and construction industry?  It’s time to start talking the same language! Residential design and construction are two ‘peas in a pod’, yet the communication between them is rudimentary at best. Coordinating a project that runs on time and on budget is a rare occurrence. But where does the […]

NSW draft review of the building professionals act 2005

Building design and planning is undergoing a review in NSW. You may like to read pages 186 through to 189 if you are a building designer. There are clear benefits of being part of a reputable association such as the Building Designers Association Australia. For more information on the Building designers Association Australia see. […]

The Top 3 Technologies that will Transform the Construction Industry

1. BIM/VDC Software We believe that BIM/VDC (Building Information Modelling/Virtual Design & Construction) is the most important technology that the Construction Industry MUST embrace. In Australia, design and construction professionals operate in a very high-cost environment. Productivity and waste reduction are essential for our continued prosperity – and yet we continue to be hamstrung by […]

Early Phase Performance Modeling to Right-Size Building Enclosure

Design to perform  I received this article from the AIA, I agree with Jillian as no doubt most do. Author: Jillian Burgess1 ABSTRACT As energy codes become more stringent, project teams are required to design buildings with lower energy use thresholds. Owners and building officials are increasingly demanding justification for architectural designs and challenging designers […]

PlusSpec is the perfect software for the Education of Architecture, Engineering and Construction students

There are two main dilemmas for the tuition of Architecture. The first dilemma is how to teach an understanding of construction, subsequent to design. The second dilemma is a modern consequence of the abandonment of the pen and paper: how to teach architectural software (and which ones to choose?). Instructors of architecture understand that design […]