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Architects, Designers and Builders need to know…

Important for Australian Architects, designers and construction professionals.  The following is Legislation change that affects the industry in Australia. It is important that all involved in our industry are aware of the new legislation just passed in NSW and soon to be implemented in QLD and other states. “For the first time, the law recognises fire safety […]

Why so many acronyms with BIM?

Are acronyms getting in the way of progression and adoption of time saving technology? Here is an insert I took from a document I read in relation to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Standards. “Most CEN and CENELEC Committees have parallel activities in ISO and IEC, and in some cases the same organisation provides the […]

BIM integration with national codes of construction.

Integrating BIM technology with local and National Construction Codes. Will this be the turning point in our industry? Imagine sitting down in front of your computer creating a design or structure and having the ability to quickly look up  current building codes …. Not only will these advances in technology save time , it will […]

Early Collaboration on the Model (BIM) – The Key to success?

How can we improve the traditional design to construction process? We have created the below diagram to explore the problems that arise from the traditional relationship between the architect/designer and the builder. We would love to hear your thoughts!

3D Printing of houses

Modular construction. 3D printing of houses, well that could really make some changes to our industry, in  design and in construction. This video shows one method of 3D printing and no doubt there are many more. Essentially it appears as though this manufacturer is creating a SIP (structural Insulated panel) and then trucking the SIP to […]

The Industry Pitfalls of Architecture and Design

Does design start from the inside out or outside in?  Facade or layout? Solar access or privacy? Is the cost the defining factor?  Architects & Designers encounter and remedy this topic every day of their lives. Every design starts with an envelope, width, breadth, height are the obvious.  Guiding the client through the process of […]

Simplifying the BIM process whist allowing for creativity

There are very few architects and/or builders that can lay claim to understanding a combination of both the design and construction components of our industry. Why? The reasons are simple. To be a professional it takes experience & dedication in order to be considered good. Are there enough hours in a life time to learn […]