Customer Work – Synergy Design Development – PlusSpec

Synergy Design Development are based out of the East Bay of San Fransisco, USA.

“What PlusSpec allows you to produce blows your mind. I was recently sitting in a bar with a Contractor buddy of mine and told him that with PlusSpec I’m able to quickly provide a concept design and a BOM. His jaw dropped to the floor, because it would save him tens of hours trying to go through the weeds just to get a ballpark price. By having this type of communication with the Contractor (and making their job easy), my clients and I know out of the starting block if we are going in the right direction with their project. This means that I am being as efficient with my use of time as possible.”

Drew Pasek – Owner, Architect


Click HERE to listen to Drew talk about why clients, contractors and reps are falling in love with the work he is producing with PlusSpec, from our 2018 Architects are from Mars, Builders are from Venus Podcast Episode 4.