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Hillsboro wife and ***** toys

Postby Al1funrok » Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:29 pm

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п»їShakira: shows the face of little Sasha |
Little too little has taken Shakira to show the face of his second son. True to his style, he has taken advantage of social networks to show all his followers what Sasha is like. As he did with Milan, his first child, the singer is very proud of her babies, hence she has no qualms about showing everyone. First was the footballer's foot, and now his face. Of course, he has done so with a solidary purpose that we now tell you.
“We want to introduce you to Sasha Piqué Mebarak,” says the message, which calls for visiting the web page of the solidarity initiative. And is that Shakira has taken a picture of his newborn to advertise a solidarity campaign of UNICEF. Shakira and Piqué have used the baby shower page they created shortly before birth to show the child's first photo.
In the photo you can see the baby with open eyes, an aspect that is not usually very common in babies of such a short time, because they spend all day sleeping. However, it seems that little Sasha already shows his mother's artistic gifts, and for the photo, he opens his eyes wide.
It is still difficult to know who he looks like. We'll have to wait a while to see if it's mom or dad, or maybe Milan.
Shakira compares Sasha's foot with Gerard PiquГ©'s 02/02/2015
We already know that mother's pride is very great. To the point that sometimes we have a little head. Something like this has happened to Shakira who has not hesitated to upload a photograph of her new son, Sasha, to Twiiter and compare it with that of her father. "I have daddy's feet, it seems that I have been playing football all my life," said the Colombian singer in a snapshot that shows how the newborn's foot was within a few hours of seeing the light for the first time.
Shakira is so proud of her second child that as she already did with Milan, she does not hesitate to share, in social networks, snapshots. In the last one you can see the foot of his second son, Sasha. The Colombian and Gerard PiquГ©'s son was born on January 29 at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona.
The singer published a text next to the snapshot that said: "I have daddy's feet, it seems that I have been playing football all my life." A comparison that in social networks was not very well received. The Colombian also released a statement in which we knew, why it was given that name “The name Sasha is of Greek and Russian origin and means‘ defender of humanity 'and‘ warrior '”.
It is not the first time that the couple does these things, because with Milan they also did it, when they put some big beach players when it was just a baby.
Shakira gives birth to second child, Sacha, without complications
Shakira and PiquГ© are already parents for the second time. The Colombian singer has given birth to her second child at the Tecknon clinic in Barcelona in a delivery that has fortunately gone smoothly. Her partner Gerard PiquГ© has been with her at all times. So, Milan already has a little brother to play with. The best kept secret that was the name is already known, will be called Sacha. .
Although the rumors suggest that it could be last Wednesday, the couple's second child was born this morning. The brother of Milan was born perfectly at the Quiron Tecknon Hospital in Barcelona. And it was that everything depended on the presence of the father, and as the central had to play the Copa del Rey match against AtlГ©tico de Madrid, it was decided to postpone the delivery for today. And we already know the name, although it was a secret at first, it will be called Sacha.
In this second birth, practiced by caesarean section, the dates have almost coincided by the will of their parents, who now must decide if, after the birth of their second child, Shakira and PiquГ©, they will insist on looking for a girl as was their desire . And although Milan is already going to have a partner to play, the illusion of singer and footballer is still having a daughter.
We can only congratulate the daddies, and rejoice that the delivery has gone smoothly.
Shakira: admitted to give birth to her second child 01/28/2015
Shakira is already prepared in Barcelona to give birth to her second child. The Colombian could already be at the Teknon clinic in the city and as happened with Milan, her first child, she has reserved a clinic plant to avoid the curious. The clinic has been surrounded by ‘paparazzi' since yesterday, although no one has seen them. We will be very attentive because it is very likely that in the next few hours the second son of the singer and Gerard Piqué can come to the world.
Tic tac, tic tac. Time is already gold for Shakira that most likely in the next few hours she will give birth to her second child, who will also be a child, the result of her relationship with soccer player Gerard Piqué. The artist already has everything ready to give birth at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona, ​​and as in her previous birth, when Milan was born, the singer has scheduled the birth.
At that time, as will happen now, the family reserved a clinic floor to avoid the eyes of the curious and accommodate all their relatives there. The parents of the singer, who live almost all year in Barcelona, ​​will be present, as well as the football player's parents.
Rumors indicate that today will be the day. The paparazzi do not want to miss it and that is why since yesterday they have already been guarding the clinic, although for the moment none of the protagonists has appeared there. We will see if the mother, as she did with Milan, also floods her baby's photo network.
The most curious thing is that Gerard PiquГ© has an important Copa del Rey match against AtlГ©tico de Madrid tonight. It is played in the capital, so it is not yet known if the center will be of the game in a clash so important for the whole culГ©.
After celebrating the second birthday Milan on January 22 at a party in style in a private room of the Juan Carlos I hotel, now is the time for the second to come into the world. Long ago Shakira said he also wanted it to be in January, so he has three days. We will continue counting because it seems that the birth is imminent.

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