Custom Roofs - making non standard roof a plusspec roof!!!!

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Custom Roofs - making non standard roof a plusspec roof!!!!

Postby anhphuong » Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:05 pm

When i create a non standard roof and try to make it a plusspec roof with similar materials and to be included in takeoff the eye dropper tool in paint bucket does not work. I have sketchup pro 2016.
Following the custom roofs tutorial;
select paint bucket and then eye dropper
click eye dropper (comes up as magnifying circle) on the plusspec roof and then click on the non standard roof.
All i get is the same colour as the pluspec roof but not the material. Also it does not make the non standard roof a plusspec roof and is not included in the takeoff.
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Re: Custom Roofs - making non standard roof a plusspec roof!

Postby Zach » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:31 pm

Good Day anhphuong,

Thanks for the post.

I believe this would be because of where the material is applied to the roof. If it's not applied in the same way as it it in the PlusSpec group then there's a high chance that it won't appear in the takeoff (e.g. applying the material to each face instead of the group which contains the faces). I would recommend to look at how the roof geometry has been grouped and reference the SketchUp Entity Info window to see what material & layer have been applied or assigned to each group.

What I would recommend is booking in some one on one training. If you'd like some more info on this, the link below will take you a page on our website which explain this in more detail.

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