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Re: UK Version

Postby Drew » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:43 am

Hi Leebo914,

We would like to clarify that PlusSpec has only two versions: PlusSpec Metric, and PlusSpec Imperial.

When we officially launched PlusSpec Full Release earlier this year, we included two (2) Material libraries: Material library AUS, and Material library USA. The UK release refers to the release of the Material library UK. Over the coming months and years we will be continuously releasing new Material libraries for other Countries around the world, as well as updating our current libraries. Material libraries are an important and powerful feature, as they provide you with access to real products from real manufacturers from your country, as well as unique building methodologies - but it is nevertheless just a library of products and timber framing standards.

With this in mind, we hope that you can understand that you are not really participating in a *****/pre-release version. You have the ability to purchase the Full-Release PlusSpec Metric version at an amazing discount (almost 50% off). The only thing that is in Pre-release is the library itself, as we are still in the process of expanding the product range.

Customisation is in our opinion the most important feature of any BIM CAD software, as it is not possible for us to incorporate every product from every manufacturer around the world. This is why we have ensured that our customisation features are an integral part of PlusSpec. In fact, an ever-growing number of our users are beginning to understand the ease and power of our customisation features. We have had many Architects and Builders/Contractors advise us that they have spent 3-4 hours total, in which they created hundreds of materials from their favourite local manufacturers. Now they are totally unconstrained by anything, and have total freedom. In the coming releases, we will be making our customisation features even more powerful (with full composite capabilities, etc), so this is just the beginning.

Construction methods and Technical standards require the user to incorporate these. Even though we endeavour to automate as much as possible, and continue to grow the intelligence inside of PlusSpec, these aspects will always need to be picked up by each individual user - and this is part of your professional obligation. Therefore, it does not matter what Material library you have access to.

We believe that PlusSpec will enrich your workflow, and there is no ***** time for our UK and European users to purchase. We hope that you take advantage of this amazing discount.

leebo914 wrote:Hi Guys

Sorry to hijack your post , i am also looking forward to the UK release of Plusspec and have registered my interest in purchasing it upon release. I have today received an email from Tyler Moeke offering me to participate in the *****/pre-release version for £180, as has been mentioned already i also am concerned that i am paying for a system that should make my workflow quicker and more efficient and currently does not. Although it is possible that we can create our own materials, surely we shouldn't need to as this is what the system is for? I have no problem trialing a ***** version of the program however, i wouldn't expect to pay for testing a system and passing on my feedback that is going to involve me providing my time for free, if the system was fully up and running yeah not a problem but i think at the moment it would take me longer to setup and get running than it would currently take for me to complete a project using 2d cad.

As far as construction methods are concerned again mine will differ a bit from the English building system, i am from Scotland so adhere to a different set of Technical Standards with regard to Energy, Noise, Sustainability etc.. Have the different regulations within England, Scotland & Ireland been considered in the new UK release?

As previously requested if there was a short trial available to be able to try the system for ourselves it would be very helpful.

cheers, Lee
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Re: UK Version

Postby cadmunkey » Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:25 pm

I dont want to be overly critical but your website is very hard to navigate. I clicked on the link for info on the UK version and when I try to purchase I just get taken to the Aus site and asked to pay $900(?).
How and where is the link to purchase the £180 pre-release version? Making it hard to purchase wont gain you many new customers :D
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Re: UK Version

Postby Dean » Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:49 am


Thank you for your feedback. Currently we are not advertising the UK pre-release Material Library version on our website due to it still in pre-release stages. To purchase the £180 Uk pre-release of PlusSpec you must contact and show your interest in purchasing the £180 Pre-release material library version.

Kind Regards
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Re: UK Version

Postby robhurd » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:11 am

Hi everyone.

The PlusSpec website advertises that a UK version is available, however when I go to the download section it's only Australia and USA.

How do I/we go about downloading the UK library?

Thank you,

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Re: UK Version

Postby Dean » Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:16 am

Hi Rob,

To get access to the Uk Version follow bellow.

1. Open SketchUp

2. Go to Extensions - PlusSpec - Choose Material Package

Extensions - PlusSpec - Choose.jpg
Extensions - PlusSpec - Choose.jpg (140.88 KiB) Viewed 17105 times

3. Select your region and click submit

Select Package.jpg
Select Package.jpg (18.63 KiB) Viewed 17105 times

4. Close SketchUp and re open SketchUp.

Hope this helps :)

Kind Regards
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