Engaged pier wall

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Engaged pier wall

Postby chenjian » Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:56 pm

Hi everyone,

Has anyone attempted to create engaged pier with the wall tool? I tried to made one straight wall first, then created a series of half brick piers at 1200 mm centres. As the wall steps up because it sits on a strip footing, it is really slow and frustrating to change the length of every single one engaged pier to match the step of the strip footing.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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Re: Engaged pier wall

Postby Grant » Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:46 pm

Hi Jian,

Thank you for your post.

What I would recommend to do to draw engaged piers is to follow the steps in one of the options below.

Option 1
1. Draw the walls as double brick/masonry wall(s). Note: don't forget to change the cavity size in the Manual Overrides section of the Wall Tool dialog.
2. Use the Split Wall Tool to split the wall(s) where the piers need to be.
3. Select the wall sections that are inbetween the piers and change them to single brick/masonry walls. Note: check the materials are correct before clicking Submit.
4. Move the walls out to where they need to go as they will be lined up with the internal brick of the double brick wall.

Option 2 - This option is better for larger piers.
1. Draw the walls as single brick/masonry wall(s).
2. Go back and add the piers using the single brick/masonry wall and the required spacing & size/length.

Would you be able to please let me know if either of these work for you?
Kind Regards,
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