Is there a way of accessing the list of available materials?

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Is there a way of accessing the list of available materials?

Postby BetterLiving » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:41 am

Hi Plus Spec,

We have downloaded the 7-day free trial to see if this will be a useful plug-in for us. I have a question in regards to the estimation tool. I have watched several videos on how you input the price information for certain materials. I have gathered that in order to do this, once created the model, all materials used in the model itself can be accessed and edited manually, according to the market prices of the specific materials. I can also see that it's possible to get a CSV take-off document - which is super handy.

My question is, however - is it possible to access the entire comprehensive list of available materials on PlusSpec, without having to model them first? I want to be able to assign all the prices for all the materials we use first before we start modeling. I understand this might be quite a time-consuming task but I think it would be handy for us to do. That being said, is there an easier way of doing this??

I also do understand that once you assign price to specific materials, that data will stick and be available every time you use it, so when doing the take-offs it'll be there. - Long shot, but is there a way that prices automatically update in accordance with the fluctuation of live market demand?
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Re: Is there a way of accessing the list of available materi

Postby Emily » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:46 pm

Hi Better Living,

Welcome to PlusSpec! Thanks for your Post.

Yes, using the Price tool :pricing-tool: you're able to associate price to individual materials or export a full list of all the materials (including ones you've created yourself), get your suppliers to fill in the prices or take the prices from your financial software (PlusDesignBuild will soon do this automatically with Xero) and then import them back into PlusSpec. You're correct, the prices associated with the materials will be retained until you change them.

Unfortunately, there are no live price update features yet, but we have some things brewing behind the scenes for in the future so watch this space :)

I hope this helps answer your question! Let me know if you have any further questions

Best Regards,

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