crashes and lagging on mac

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crashes and lagging on mac

Postby Dawson » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:29 am

Hi there,

I have already talked about this problem some, but it has been a real nuisance. I guess I just want it seen on this board as I don't elsewhere. It was all working fine before PlusSpec. I thought I'd try PlusSpec (which for a small operator is pretty expensive). While editing doors or windows it would all start to crawl along to the point of being useless. Restarting would help, for awhile. I was advised to upgrade my operating system, which is no small situation as it can affect everything.

I am running SketchUp 2015, granted a little behind, but it was doing everything it needed to, and was told Plus Spec is compatible. Now while using PlusSpec it crashes a lot. Layout also crashes a lot doing small text edits and simple matters. Very annoying and time consuming. The editing windows and doors issue has not been resolved, it still lags as soon as I edit one...

It is possible that if I upgrade Sketchup (for another $500) that may fix things, but I haven't seen the return to make that easy to swallow.

Again, PlusSpec has been interesting, and it does some things well, but there are still plenty of problems that make the expense seem rather hefty. I'm just making sure that people can see that.

Would like to see it working,

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