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Postby Archiserv » Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:00 pm

In my initial project I: 1) created a number of new layers (e.g., wanted my steel foundation beams to show with the foundation vs. 12_Engineering, etc.), 2) used the floor tool to create a flat (shed/skillion) roof and reassigned layer names, 3) and made a variety of other layer adjustments. After completing about 60% of the model, it just got to be too much confusion so I'm starting over. However, I just pulled up the floor tool to draw joists and all the settings from the last time I used it to draw a roof (with custom layering) came up. (This is in a different file!). Is this right? How can I get the default PlusSpec layer settings back?
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Re: Layers

Postby Dean » Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:20 am


Yes that is right, PlusSpec remembers your dialogue boxes from the last time you used it. To get the default layer settings back you will have to do a 'Restore Factory Default' reset.

This can be found inside of SketchUp by going to

Extensions - PlusSpec - 'Restore Factory Default'

This will not remove anything or do any harm, all it will do is reset your dialogue boxes and update your materials. A 'Restore Factory Default' reset is recommended to be done once a month anyway.

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