Door edit tool lagging

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Re: Door edit tool lagging

Postby Dawson » Wed May 10, 2023 12:34 am

Emily! By jove, you might be on to something there! I did minimize all my dialogs in sketchup (that were object related. styles, colours, and shadows were still open) and so far I seem to be able to manipulate windows as I like! Can it be??? and what does it mean ultimately? I do like having entity info open at least. I may narrow it down some yet, but this might be the biggest breakthrough in the matter yet!

Pat yourself on the back and tell everyone! I hope it sticks... :D I'll let you know...


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Re: Door edit tool lagging

Postby Andrew » Mon May 15, 2023 4:12 pm

Some Macs don't play nice when multiple dialogs are open, especially the Outliner. Dawson, I always minimise my default tray, but it is easier on a PC. Maybe you should get a PC and enjoy the freedom. LOL
Glad you solved your issue. BTW if you are adding 5+ windows and doors on a wall, there is a good chance the wall is too big to build, and materials will generally not come in sizes greater than 6m or 18ft (Timber, trim, cornice, crown, gyprock/dry wall etc etc). I always split walls in increments of 6 metres maximum ( I usually split walls on an internal wall where permitted).
TIP if you are using PlusDeisgnBuild, it is vital to split walls before adding junctions.
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