How do I fix a 'receiving a machine mismatch' error?

If you receive an error saying you have reached the maximum number of licences it could be due to any of the following:

  • The most common reason is because you have tried downloading PlusSpec onto multiple computers. A single PlusSpec license can  only be loaded and run on one computer. To correct this issue, please contact us at and let us know that you’re getting a maximum license reached error. Please also put a contact number, just in case we need to call you.
  • Another reason is that you have changed your internet connection causing your machine ID to change meaning that when you open PlusSpec you will receive a maximum license error message because the software believes that you have tried loading PlusSpec onto another computer. There is very easy to fix. As a work around. Simply disconnect your internet, open SketchUp and you will see that PlusSpec has loaded. You can then reconnect your internet. If this does not resolve your problem please email us Please also include a phone number just in case we need to call you.

How long does a PlusSpec Subscription last?

For AUD$990, PlusSpec is a yearly Subscription with 12 months’ of free updates.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, or do not renew, you will no longer be able to access any of the PlusSpec tools inside of SketchUp.

If you purchased your licence via credit card 
We will automatically renew your licence for you. Note: If you do not want us to renew your licence, please contact us via email:, before your licence expiry. If you do not cancel your subscription before expiry, you will be charged for the next subscription period.

If you purchased PlusSpec via Invoice
You will need to manually renew your licence (to commence another 12 months subscription). Open the Welcome to PlusSpec menu inside of PlusSpec, and then left click ‘Extend Your Licence’. Please note that if you do not renew, you will no longer have access to any PlusSpec tools – unless you reactivate your licence.

How do I update PlusSpec?

To update your license, just download PlusSpec again, the same way that you did the first time. There will be no extra costs involved (all updates are free within the subscription) and the file is only 9MB.

There will be a notification that will appear on your ‘Welcome to PlusSpec’ splash screen, as soon as a new update has gone ‘live’. The notification will have a link that will redirect you to the right place for the update.

How do I reset my PlusSpec password?

To reset your password, click Here.

Then click on the Forgot Password link, under the Sign-in fields.

You will then receive an email, which will guide you through the process of changing your password.

Can a tax invoice be issued?

If you need a tax invoice, please email:, and let him know that you are interested in purchasing PlusSpec through a tax invoice.

Do you offer Refunds, or a money back guarantee?

No. Once you purchase PlusSpec, you will have it for the full 12 month subscription.  We do not offer Refunds.

How much does Training cost, and what are my options?

PlusSpec School offers a variety of Training options.

See the Training page for information.

Is it possible to run PlusSpec on multiple computers with one subscription?

Currently it is only possible to run a single PlusSpec license on one computer at a time. If you want to run PlusSpec on multiple computers, you must purchase a second license.

If you had PlusSpec installed on a computer and you wish to transfer PlusSpec from one computer to another, this is possible by calling our office (+61 02 9679 2429) or emailing us at either, or Please let us know that you wish to transfer your license to another computer, so that we can reset your license ID.

Which version of SketchUp is supported?

PlusSpec for SketchUp supports SketchUp 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. No support is provided below these versions. It is recommended you run the latest version of SketchUp to ensure you are benefitting from the latest bug fixes and features.

I have downloaded PlusSpec and SketchUp but when I open SketchUp, PlusSpec isn’t there?

There can be a few causes of this.

However, before you read any further – please ensure that you have actually downloaded PlusSpec. If you have not downloaded PlusSpec, please do so.

It is also possible that PlusSpec did not install correctly. To check if PlusSpec has been installed open SketchUp and click on “window” (for PC) or SketchUp (for Mac) – then select preferences, followed by extensions. You should be able to see PlusSpec. If PlusSpec isn’t ticked, please tick it, and the PlusSpec toolbar will now appear. If PlusSpec is not in the list, then PlusSpec has not been installed correctly. You will need to reinstall PlusSpec.

One of the most common causes for this issue is that you may have installed PlusSpec on another version of SketchUp. This can happen very easily, and the way to fix this is to download PlusSpec again and make sure that you select the correct SketchUp version that you wish to use PlusSpec with.

How can I get access to a student version?

To receive a student or educator licence, please submit your request via the form in the Education Page.

Why is PlusSpec lagging?

Please check to see if you have the ‘Outliner’ tool open in your Tray (Window > Default Tray > Outliner). If Outliner is ticked, please uncheck it. When using PlusSpec, we recommend that you deactivate Outliner. Only use it if you actually need it, and deactivate it upon completion of your task.

Can PlusSpec be used for Residential and Commercial construction?

PlusSpec can be used for both Residential and Commercial Construction. Although PlusSpec can be used for both residential and commercial construction purposes, our current focus is to implement PlusSpec BIM for residential projects. However, we are working on giving PlusSpec more commercial features, and you will see these features filter through in the near future.

Is PlusSpec capable of doing 2D/Technical drawings?

PlusSpec utilizes SketchUp Layout for 2D drawings. PlusSpec has a built in tool that allows you to create elevations, sections, plans, views and structural information – so that you can automatically create your drawings in Layout. You can also export DWGs or IFC drawings to Revit, Archicad, Bentley, or any of your favourite compatible 2D CAD packages. PlusSpec allows you to produce unsurpassed technical and architectural drawings. You will be amazed at how easy and intuitive it is.

How do I create a ...?

Refer to our Tutorials page for information, and learn the best practices to model different elements of your design.

If you still cannot find the answers to your questions, please visit our Forum, or Contact Us.

How do I uninstall PlusSpec?

If you are using a PC, please complete the following steps:

Step 1

Open Window Explorer (Documents)

Step 2

Go to the address bar at the top and type %appdata%

Step 3

Open the SketchUp folder, and then open the SketchUp version folder that you have installed PlusSpec into

Step 4

Open the SketchUp folder and then open the Plugins folder

Step 5

Delete both the rubysketch_plusspec folder and the rubysketch_plusspec.rb file


Mac Option 1:

Step 1

Click on the Mac ‘Go’ tab (ensure that you are not in any other program). Now that the Go tab is highlighted, hold down the option key (don’t let go). You will now see ‘Library’ in the menu options (under ‘Home’). Click on Library.

Step 2

Open the Application Support folder, and then open the SketchUp version folder that you have installed PlusSpec into

Step 3

Open the SketchUp folder, and then open the Plugins folder

Step 4

Delete both the rubysketch_plusspec folder and the rubysketch_plusspec.rb file


Mac Option 2:

Step 1

Open a new Finder window then open your username folder

Step 2

Open the Applications folder and then open the Library folder

Step 3

Open the Application Support folder, and then open the SketchUp version folder that you have installed PlusSpec into

Step 4

Open the SketchUp folder, and then open the Plugins folder

Step 5

Delete both the rubysketch_plusspec folder and the rubysketch_plusspec.rb file