Builders aren’t salespeople and shouldn’t have to be!


YET if you can’t sell, you won’t have work.


PlusSpec allows builders to get on with building while delivering crystal clear communication to clients & honest sales strategies.


“When a Builder stands out, clients rarely get a second quote.”


“Pure gold! Easily learned and very user-friendly. This software takes sales & estimating/quoting for builders light years into the future.”  Neil Myburgh

Builder Client Communication Tool
Ross Beattie PlusSpec Builder

“PlusSpec stops you from losing a hell of a lot of money onsite from errors in the 2D plans!  Ross Beattie

PlusSpec is a tried and tested solution for Builders & Contractors


PlusSpec has been built by builders for builders.

PlusSpec enables you to work smarter so your business and profits can grow.

Niklas Lundmark

“My company has been using PlusSpec for 12 months and we are already seeing big results!  Nicklas Lundmark

#1 Builders deliver more than just a quote


They fulfil the needs of their customers.

The customers of today expect 3D!


“PlusSpec has been fantastic for increasing sales & reducing costs by eliminating bad communication with trades.”

Dirk Jackson

Think you don’t have time to learn?


This is the #1 reason builders stay busy!

What don’t you have time for?

  • Time to improve?
  • Time to stop quoting for free?
  • Time to stop putting out fires caused by mistakes on site?
  • Time to lose on 4 out of the 5 jobs you go for?

“You may think you don’t have time for PlusSpec, but you soon learn to make it a rule!  Jackson Digney

We help you set up and install

Watch  built-in ‘How To’ videos 24/7

One on one online Training included


“PlusSpec has taken our design & build business to the next level. Can’t imagine doing our job without it!”  Seth Hayhurst

Become the best Builder in town


PlusSpec isn’t cheap. It is a tool for professionals and it pays for itself time and time again with results!

Traditional builders cannot compete with builders who use PlusSpec.

Successful and wealthy builders make time to learn the right tools, and the right tools make building more efficient.

This is why we built the #1 residential construction software: PlusSpec!

Take a look at our PlusSpec Pricing Options

We’ve made it simple to supercharge your business!

Choose from Annual or Monthly plans


Windows & Mac

Works with any computer

Imperial & Metric

Works with all units & scales


Works with SketchUp 2015 & up

Today’s best performing custom builders deliver quotes fast & win 9 out of 10 quotes!


PlusSpec for SketchUp makes it easy to deliver a set of plans in 3D and a BOM for quote.

PlusSpec helps you create an amazing customer experience that wins you work.

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