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3D Virtual Design & Construction Models can save lives!

Plan out your site with PlusSpec and reduce error, identify hazards, and boost your productivity. How often does site safety fall to the wayside? 2.3 million workers die every year by work related injury at a staggering cost of $3 trillion, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Is part of the problem that site [...]

Understanding LOD (Level of Detail) for Design and Construction

LOD (Level of Detail) is the term used to describe how much information a drawing or model contains. Simply put, it is how you choose to show the construction details and materials of a project. When we were designing and drawing with pen and paper only, there was never really an issue with LOD. However, […]

Load paths and weight distribution can make or break a budget

Designers can now see load paths at design concept stage to reduce the cost of the engineer. Hi everyone, I thought I should get a bit technical and talk about load paths and weight distribution and why I decided we needed it in PlusSpec, after all, we are not engineers right? Diagram outlining a typical […]

Sustainable Design and Construction: How to consider the environment with PlusSpec BIM software

New Year’s resolutions are often taken seriously for the first few days, but it’s not too long before old habits kick in. If one of your resolutions was to do your part to save the environment (and not just to lose those extra pounds you gained over Christmas) then let us help you make a difference by […]

Wearable Technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: Microsoft Hololens

Wearable technology is the way of the future, in and out of the workplace. We didn’t realize we needed a smart watch until Apple and Samsung told us we did – and now half of us can’t live without one. Innovative and accurate technology is now at our fingertips (quite literally) more than ever, and […]

Supporting Our Friend: Builders Profits – Workshop

Our friends Builders Profits are offering a Workshop to help improve your success in 2017.   If you have a business in the construction industry (in Australia or North America), and need help growing your business, then this Workshop by Builders Profits will help you get on track fast. From the words of Builders Profits: ‘Discover the 5 […]

PlusSpec v16.3.5 Release Notes

Minor Update (16.3.5): This update includes the following improvements: Fixed an issue with syncing material libraries in the Settings Tool. Updated materials for the Joist Tools. Don't forget to sync your materials.

Tilt panels and prefabricated concrete building components in Design, BIM, Estimating, CAD software

Modular construction comes in many forms. Designing concrete prefabricated panels to suit transportation and load capacity of a crane can be a challenge. There are software packages that do this in a high LOD (level of detail), such as Tekla, which allows the addition of reinforcement and output of working drawings. In many cases this level of detail [...]

PlusSpec v16.3.4 Release Notes

Minor Update (16.3.4): This is an update for SketchUp 17 and includes the following improvements: Fixed an issue with the cornice in the Ceiling Tool. Fixed an issue with the MEP Tool. Fixed an issue with the Drop to Wall function. Fixed an issue with the splashscreen buttons. General improvements and optimization.

SketchUp 17 Pro Review

SketchUp 2017 Release: What we (the RubySketch team) like best: At a glance the obvious changes are evident by the little man in the corner (when you open SketchUp). The previous mascot has been replaced with Chris, who's sporting a nice new blue/grey polo shirt, beige pants, sports watch and slip on shoes. Unlike previous versions though, [...]

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