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Myles Gillan: Empowering Education with PlusSpec

Myles Gillan is a Building Design Student, based in South East Queensland, Australia. In this blog interview we discuss how PlusSpec for SketchUp has not only helped his studies, but has also given him an advantage over his peers. ‘When I was designing without PlusSpec, I felt like I was always having to explain every [...]

How to Make a Seamless Texture (Tileable Texture)

What is a “seamless” texture or a “tileable” texture? Check out our blog post on 'What is a Seamless or Tileable Texture?'  It's super short and will tell you everything that you need to know. However, to put it simply, a seamless texture is an image that can be placed next to itself (above, below, [...]

What is a Seamless Texture (Tileable Texture)?

By now, you've probably heard of a Seamless Texture. However, seamless textures can also be referred to as Tileable textures, 3D textures, Texture fills, Material Textures, and so on. To keep it simple, we'll stick to using the term 'Seamless Texture'. But what exactly is a Seamless Texture? To put it simply, a seamless texture [...]

Load paths and weight distribution can make or break a budget

Designers can now see load paths at design concept stage to reduce the cost of the engineer. Hi everyone, I thought I should get a bit technical and talk about load paths and weight distribution and why I decided we needed it in PlusSpec, after all, we are not engineers right? Diagram outlining a typical […]

There is a reason why Hollywood Designers use SketchUp

Image by Luke Whitelock. Copyright owned by Marvel Studios And the answer is simple. No other CAD or BIM software (or any other acronym that you want to use) has actually been made as a design tool. Our competitors are merely 'virtual drafting boards', and have been created so that their users can create 2D [...]

Upcoming SketchUp Guide includes a PlusSpec spotlight

We’ve just heard that the first Italian Guide to SketchUp with a PlusSpec spotlight is Coming Soon. Here’s what we know:   SketchUp. Progettazione architettonica BIM, is the first Italian guide to Trimble SketchUp 2017, ranging from the introduction of the software to the BIM-approach with PlusSpec, and GPU-rendering

Wearable Technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: Microsoft Hololens

Wearable technology is the way of the future, in and out of the workplace. We didn’t realize we needed a smart watch until Apple and Samsung told us we did – and now half of us can’t live without one. Innovative and accurate technology is now at our fingertips (quite literally) more than ever, and […]

PlusSpec v16.3.5 Release Notes

Minor Update (16.3.5): This update includes the following improvements: Fixed an issue with syncing material libraries in the Settings Tool. Updated materials for the Joist Tools. Don't forget to sync your materials.

Tilt panels and prefabricated concrete building components in Design, BIM, Estimating, CAD software

Modular construction comes in many forms. Designing concrete prefabricated panels to suit transportation and load capacity of a crane can be a challenge. There are software packages that do this in a high LOD (level of detail), such as Tekla, which allows the addition of reinforcement and output of working drawings. In many cases this level of detail [...]

PlusSpec v16.3.4 Release Notes

Minor Update (16.3.4): This is an update for SketchUp 17 and includes the following improvements: Fixed an issue with the cornice in the Ceiling Tool. Fixed an issue with the MEP Tool. Fixed an issue with the Drop to Wall function. Fixed an issue with the splashscreen buttons. General improvements and optimization.

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