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PlusSpec 2016 Release Notes

You Asked, We Listened We believe that PlusSpec for SketchUp is revolutionising BIM and Estimating (particularly within Residential construction). But, we are committed to making it even better. At PlusSpec, we take the time to listen to what our customers want. We value your feedback, and we would like to thank the PlusSpec community for […]

The New Ultimate software update: PlusSpec V 1.3.5

What’s new in Version 1.3.5?: This update includes the following: Multi-Skin Wall, which allows plasterboard thickness & has the option for cavity insulation Solid Wall, which includes concrete walls Skirting in the Flooring Tool Block & Beam option in the Joist Tool Tag Tool, which gives you the ability to point out areas in your project […]

3D model Section cut fills in Sketchup and PlusSpec

A Sketchup Tip and trick that will save you some time when using section planes in your 3D model. Basically Sketchup is a surface modeller which means the geometry is hollow. When you cut a section through wall or a prism you will see the inside of the geometry that may have supposed to be […]

The Problem with BIM

It’s not meant to be hard. Disclaimer:  No Grandmothers were harmed in the making of this article (as we did not make them try to use any of the mainstream BIM software systems). The word ‘simple’ is often interpreted as meaning something that lacks power or sophistication. In fact, many professionals often equate simplicity with being […]

Are you an Architect, Designer, Builder or Estimator in the United Kingdom? PlusSpec is launching a UK Material Library that will revolutionize your CAD 3D BIM software workflow

PlusSpec for SketchUp is an amazing new design and estimating 3D CAD software, that combines the power of BIM (Building Information Modelling), VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), 3D Modelling, 2D Planning/documentation, and Estimation. PlusSpec uses real manufacturers products from the free RubySketch online library, and generates automatic specifications and product schedules. Material take-offs and estimates […]

NSW draft review of the building professionals act 2005

Building design and planning is undergoing a review in NSW. You may like to read pages 186 through to 189 if you are a building designer. There are clear benefits of being part of a reputable association such as the Building Designers Association Australia. For more information on the Building designers Association Australia see. […]

PlusSpec: The Smartest Way to Quote

Meet Jane: Jane used to be a desperate housewife. She is married to Bob (the builder). They have two children together, but Bob never spent time with them as a family.   Instead of taking his lovely wife and children on family vacations, or relaxing with them after work, Bob spent all of his time [...]

PlusSpec for SketchUp: Total Customization

PlusSpec for SketchUp offers Total Customization, and is the Perfect BIM/VDC Software Solution for Your Company. PlusSpec for SketchUp is an amazing new BIM software, that combines the power of 3D Modelling, 2D Planning, BIM/VDC, and Estimation. PlusSpec uses real manufacturers products from the Australian-made RubySketch online library, and generates automatic specifications and product schedules. […]

PlusSpec: Revolutionizing BIM/VDC for the Construction Industry

Why You Need to Join the BIM/VDC Revolution! Do you need an intuitive and easy-to-use program to quickly create the required drawings for a project and simultaneously output the quantities, or to quickly draw up existing plans to accurately quote/tender on? Are you sick and tired of wasting away your hours tediously preparing quantity take-offs? […]

Early Phase Performance Modeling to Right-Size Building Enclosure

Design to perform  I received this article from the AIA, I agree with Jillian as no doubt most do. Author: Jillian Burgess1 ABSTRACT As energy codes become more stringent, project teams are required to design buildings with lower energy use thresholds. Owners and building officials are increasingly demanding justification for architectural designs and challenging designers […]