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Modular Construction: Tips & Tricks for designing a modular building

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It seems everybody is talking about modular construction these days. Some would even say that if you don’t have modular construction on your radar, your business is in danger of falling behind. Well, I don’t know about that – but I do know a thing or two about modular building, and I’m happy to share some of my experiences.

multilevel modular

Multi-level modular is achievable with the right design

large modular building on crane

6m by 12m completed in 5 weeks installed in one day. Customer: Mirvac

This post dives into lower level detail, tips & help for design, building and delivering modular houses. It’s based on real world experience in real world projects. I am sure by now most understand that Modular Construction/buildings are built off-site in a controlled environment, i”ll do my best not state the obvious. All of the following projects & images have been designed, coordinated and built by yours truely and my team. I have thousands of photos, none professional,  simply snaps on my phone whilst delivering and erecting. I am sure you’ll get the idea….  I encourage designers, builders, engineers and estimators to work together with collaborative tools to achieve a modular Nirvana. If you’ve a passion for modular design and construction this one if for you… Read More

RubySketch Partners with Simpson Strong-Tie

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We are proud to announce that as of today, RubySketch has partnered with Simpson Strong-Tie – the world leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions. With offices located throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, Simpson Strong-Tie is the most recognized global connector brand in the residential construction industry.   In the words of our Director, Andrew Dwight, “We believe that a partnership with such a global, reputable and like-minded company allows us to continue rapidly innovating and developing Read More

Wearable Technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: Microsoft Hololens

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Wearable technology is the way of the future, in and out of the workplace. We didn’t realize we needed a smart watch until Apple and Samsung told us we did – and now half of us can’t live without one. Innovative and accurate technology is now at our fingertips (quite literally) more than ever, and that has now expanded into work site technology.


We seem to be doing just fine with the technology we’ve got, but wearable technology has been taken to a whole new level with clothing, smart helmets and eye-wear, which have been created to make life easier. Various innovative enterprises are now partnering and delivering worker’s (and definitely compliance officer’s) wildest dreams. These tech-savvy entrepreneurs are improving the way we design and communicate, making our job sites safer, efficient and sustainable. So, what’s the fuss all about?

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Young people are snubbing the construction industry – but why?

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Does the construction industry have a disconnect with Millenials? Many of us wrongly think that the new generation of young adults entering the workforce are afraid of hard work and physical labour. However, statistics show that they’ll go to the gym, jog, and do more sport than we ever did. So if it’s not laziness or the fear of getting their hands dirty that is disenchanting our younger generation from entering the construction industry, then what is it? Read More