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Modular Construction: Tips & Tricks for designing a modular building

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It seems everybody is talking about modular construction these days. Some would even say that if you don’t have modular construction on your radar, your business is in danger of falling behind. Well, I don’t know about that – but I do know a thing or two about modular building, and I’m happy to share some of my experiences.

multilevel modular

Multi-level modular is achievable with the right design

large modular building on crane

6m by 12m completed in 5 weeks installed in one day. Customer: Mirvac

This post dives into lower level detail, tips & help for design, building and delivering modular houses. It’s based on real world experience in real world projects. I am sure by now most understand that Modular Construction/buildings are built off-site in a controlled environment, i”ll do my best not state the obvious. All of the following projects & images have been designed, coordinated and built by yours truely and my team. I have thousands of photos, none professional,  simply snaps on my phone whilst delivering and erecting. I am sure you’ll get the idea….  I encourage designers, builders, engineers and estimators to work together with collaborative tools to achieve a modular Nirvana. If you’ve a passion for modular design and construction this one if for you… Read More

Inside 3D Residential: Supercharging Design with PlusSpec

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3D Residential is a North American residential design and drafting company based in the greater Charlotte, NC area. In this blog interview with Director, Easton Hunter, we discuss how PlusSpec for SketchUp has changed the way that he is able to design, communicate and control client budgets.

Charlotte Lake House – Rendering of PlusSpec for SketchUp model. All images courtesy of 3D Residential. Read More

Press Release: RubySketch Announces first major 2017 update to PlusSpec

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SYDNEY, June 30, 2017 – RubySketch announced today that the latest major update to PlusSpec has been made public.   ‘PlusSpec is growing and evolving at a lightning pace’ said Andrew Dwight, founder of RubySketch. ‘We release 3-4 major updates every year, but this update was big! We made a lot of improvements behind the scenes, as well as some super powerful new tools and features.’ Read More

Load paths and weight distribution can make or break a budget

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Designers can now see load paths at design concept stage to reduce the cost of the engineer.

Hi everyone, I thought I should get a bit technical and talk about load paths and weight distribution and why I decided we needed it in PlusSpec, after all, we are not engineers right?

Diagram outlining a typical load path that an engineer may specify

Why? Isn’t this the job of the engineer?

Is it just me or does anyone else design with point loads in mind?  I build and design and found myself designing unneeded cost into projects and I should have known better. I decided to add in typical point loads in PlusSpec 2017 so you guys can benefit from my experiences., By the way,  I/we have not added notifications everywhere yet we did add them in trusses and wall frames.

What the hell is a point load?

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