Transforming Residential Design

PlusSpec is a combination of 3D CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Estimating, Real Product Integration, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

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‘PlusSpec will make you more efficient, more profitable, and more professional

by helping you focus on the tasks that matter’


Every hour that you spend on something other than designing costs you money.

There is a reason why SketchUp is the most popular 3D design software, and it’s because it’s the easiest way to draw in 3D. PlusSpec for SketchUp is the only BIM software that you can actually DESIGN with. All of our competitors are simply virtual ‘drafting boards’, not design tools. But PlusSpec is more than just 3D CAD & BIM. It is the first true VDC, and generates customizable structure. After all, ‘God is in the details’.

Architecture design software for famous architectural designs

Drafting/2D Construction Drawings

With PlusSpec and SketchUp Pro, you will be able to quickly and accurately create professional drawings for client presentations, council/permit approval and CD’s (Construction Documentation).

As you model, PlusSpec automatically generates your 2D drawing set, with plans, elevations, sections and details.You will be able to communicate, collaborate like never before. And when your model changes, so does your 2D drawings! This allows you to concentrate on designing (not modeling or drafting!)


PlusSpec is more than just another computer aided drafting board. Bring back the art and soul of drawing with PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro!


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Communicating your Design Intent

Although PlusSpec for SketchUp allows you to create Professional Construction Documents, this innovative architecture design software now allows you to actually use your 3D model for more than just a smarter drafting tool.

Your clients don’t understand 2D drawings. Moreover, if you give a set of plans to 3 builders, you will inevitably get 3 differing interpretations.

Everyone understands 3D – and PlusSpec for SketchUp allows you to use your 3D model to clearly communicate with everyone! Say goodbye to error and oversight simply due to misinterpretation or deciphering.

3D Communication with PlusSpec architecture

Architecture design software without limitation

Understanding Cost Estimates/Feasibility

PlusSpec is the first software for Architects & Designers that allows you to automatically generate pinpoint accurate cost estimates/opinions or Feasibility studies. Everything that you draw in PlusSpec is automatically quantified. FINALLY, Architects can be aware of project costs throughout the design process – and as the design changes, your Cost Estimate is updated automatically. Many of our users are even selling these comprehensive Material Take-offs to Builders so that they can expedite their tendering process. Managing your project costs have never been this easy!

Key Features

PlusSpec is intuitive, easy to learn, simple to teach, and quick to master.

Stop wasting your time on software that is expensive, difficult to learn, requires specialization.


The word ‘simple’ is often interpreted as meaning something that lacks power or sophistication. In fact, many professionals often equate simplicity with being amateurish. However, simplicity is truly the ultimate level of sophistication in Architecture design software! 

PlusSpec delivers communication and design communication efficiencies to architecture & construction globally via the use of BIM technology


The truth is that current design & BIM software have innumerable complexities and constraints – especially for Residential design and construction. They are incredibly difficult to learn, cost you a vast sum of money to purchase and upskill staff (which is why the vast majority of practices do not even provide sufficient training), as well as prolonged periods of unproductiveness. Complexity also breeds specialization. Software specialization is bad news for Architects and Designers. Why? You need to be always focusing on design.


Software is merely a tool – an evolution of the pencil and paper, which should simply allow you to work faster and smarter.

Total Design Freedom

PlusSpec has grown SketchUp into a full implementation (from concept to construction) BIM solution that finally provides architecture and design industry with the tools that you have been waiting for. It has been created so that you can design, document and prepare cost estimates or feasibility studies faster and smarter.


You have the best of BIM technology and parametric modeling (PlusSpec), as well as free-form sketch modeling (SketchUp), which provides you with:

Total Design Freedom.


You are not limited by components/families, or our wall types – and you don’t need to be a guru just to design something slightly ‘out of the box’! In fact, your imagination, is your only boundary.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

PlusSpec is the new evolution of BIM.


Every aspect of your model is smart & contains information, such as: structure & sizing, quantities, pricing, product names & codes, specifications, warranties, general data, and more.


Your 3D model will become a central location for information and collaboration – and all aspects of a job that are not represented by geometry can still be contained in the model.


Delivering BIM technology to architecture whilst increasing design freedom and communication is the stepping stone to a brighter future for design and construction.


You can even integrate with other BIM software, via IFC.

Not Magic, Just Parametric

When an object is ‘Parametric’ it means that you can modify it at any time via it’s attributes.


All of the PlusSpec tools are parametric, which means that once you have drawn something, you will never redraw anything again.


At any time throughout your project, you can change your walls, roofs, flooring and finishes, and modify the construction type, materials, thicknesses, heights, etc. This enables you to continuously evolve and revise your design as it progresses through each stage of the project life-cycle.


Design revisions have never been this easy!

Better architecture is achieved as a dirrect result of design efficience, client comprehension and buildability. PlusSpec Architects deliver better architecture to industry across the globe.

Virtual Design and Construction

PlusSpec communicates design, structure, and product information like no other architecture design software can – making it the first true Virtual Design & Construction software for our industry.


As you draw, you automatically generate customizable structure, such as: timber stud wall framing, window headers/lintels, floor joists, masonry bars, roof rafters, ridges, footings, Roof Trusses, structural steel, joist hangers, bracing, etc.


There is no better way to design, than by virtually building your projects. Create 3D details to clarify complex conditions & better design and communicate your intent. The time that you spend validating and creating clear 3D details in the office will save you countless hours of time & vast sums of money (for you and your client) in rework and delays – and even your most inexperienced employees will understand construction.

Specify Real Products

The use of real building products cannot be understated. You need to use real products from manufacturers so that ‘what you see is what you get’. Stop using generic content that inevitably leads to mistakes in the real world.


PlusSpec has material libraries to suit every region. Currently, we have material libraries for: Australia, USA and UK – with many more to come!


Although the material libraries are a very powerful feature of PlusSpec, we realize that it is simply not possible to have every product from every manufacture in the world. That is why we made it so easy to create, manage and customize your own libraries. Simply grab your phone or search the internet for the product that you are looking for. Take an image, load it into your material creator, and then associate thickness, brand, costs, and any other desired information.


Within a couple of hours, you can easily create every product from all of your favourite manufacturers. And once you have created a material, it will be saved into your individual material library and available for use at any time and in any project (past or future).


PlusSpec also comes with a direct link to the RubySketch 3D online library, where you can simply drag and drop real products into your project. This automatically updates your product schedules, quantities and feasibility study. PlusSpec is Architecture design software with a true point of difference.

Total Customization

In our competitors software, you need to be a guru to make even the simplest of changes, or design something even slightly out-of-the-box.


With PlusSpec for SketchUp, you are not limited by components/families, or wall types. Every object, output and aesthetic (3D and 2D) can be customized to best suit your project and your drawing style. PlusSpec has provided you with the ability to create your own products and materials with ease.


Customization has never been easier!

Know the Site

With PlusSpec for SketchUp, you can accurately place your project in Google Earth for schematic analysis, and generate automatic site contours from Google terrain (note: you will still need to have an accurate site survey conducted). You will also be able to easily conduct accurate sun study analysis. By understanding how the sun interacts and affects your projects, you will be able to build better sustainable outcomes – and your client will love you for it.


Combined with SketchUp Pro, you will be able to import accurate site plans from dwg files, and easily form contours from the drawing. Once you have your site modelled, you can easily modify it to suit your project, this is something that no other architecture design software can efficiently achieve.

The True Value of 3D

For centuries, architects and builders have been at odds, and have always struggled to communicate effectively.
This cripples the design and built environment in untold ways, and directly impacts the longevity of these industries.


Other CAD software solutions allow their users to implement 3D modelling simply as a more efficient way to create 2D plans. We believe that this is a band-aid solution, stuck in an antiquated mindset.


Traditional 2D plans and details are inherently difficult to understand, and dramatically increase the chance of error. Why? Because they are not a natural way of viewing the world. However, for centuries they have been the only way to represent complex ideas, in a way that could be deciphered.


PlusSpec is not just another band-aid solution. Our team have a bigger picture in mind: More 3D, and less 2D – and we have created the architecture design software to allow it.

Key Benefits

  • Save Time
  • Communicate Better
  • Reduce Error
  • One-Click Feasibility Studies
  • Develop Stronger Relationships & Get More Referrals